Hockey: “Donbass” in overtime beat the “White bars” – 24 Channel

Хокей: "Донбас" в овертаймі здолав "Білий Барс" - 24 Канал

Druzhkovka match between “Donbass” and “White Leopard” ended in the 17th round of the championship of Ukraine on hockey. Yielding 0:3 in the course of the meeting, the Pitmen managed to snatch victory from belotserkovtseva.

Match “White bars” began with a willingness to give strong fight to the current champion of Ukraine, and this was reflected on the scoreboard – at the end of the period Denis Boroday with the transfer of Pavel Taran “flashed” Bogdan Dyachenko and opened the scoring in the match.

To the equator of the match thanks to exact throws of Sergey and Mikhail Logica-Maxim Arlovskogo, “Donbass”, “burned” 0:3 and Barca, you could say, took a comfortable advantage. In turn, the Pitmen managed to equalize only at the end of the second period, the effort of Viktor Zakharov, the score became 1:3.

This puck is the captain of Shakhtar gave a start of the comeback of “Donbass”, and for the remaining 30 minutes of the match the hosts managed to level the score. And then in overtime put the squeeze on the enemy and snatch victory from belotserkovtseva. Note that the decisive goal of Donetsk team scored Sergey Kuzmik.

Donbass – bars White 4:3 (0:1, 1:2, 2:0, 1:0)

Washer: 0:1 Boroday (RAM, Timchenko – more.), 16:21; 0:2 Logic (Foresters, Cachan), 21:02; 0:3 Jadlowski (Logic, Foresters and more.), 25:03; 1:3 Zakharov (Ignatenko), 33:14; 2:3 Ignatenko (Korenchuk, Zakharov – more.), 41:45; 3:3 Doll (more.), 53:24; Kuzmik (Krasenkow), 63:03.

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