Hockey player received a cut on the face by a skate during a match: video (18+)

Defender “new York islanders” johnny Boychuk ahead of schedule left a platform in a match against “Montreal Canadiens”. The reason was the cut faces, which got hockey player.

In the third period, Boychuk near the gate pushed in the back of the attacker “Canadiens” Artturi Lehkonen. In the fall of the Finnish hockey skate blade touched the face of Boychuk.

After that Boychuk immediately fell to the ice, covering his cut hand. However, the player managed to get up and quickly leave the ice surface. More on the game he never left.

Watch the video, Boychuk got a cut blade on the face (warning 18+)

About player status is not reported. Head coach Barry Trots said that the injury is pretty scary because the cut in the eye area.

The match ended with an away win 6:2.

Video of the match “islanders” – “Canadiens”