Holidaymakers on the gun and started shooting

Отдыхающие на Волыне устроили стрельбу

On the lake in the village Kholopychi Volyn region, July 5, at the beach there was a conflict between the majors and the tourists that escalated into a fight.

About this in Facebook wrote to the lady Mariana disco.

According to her, several men drove to the beach by car literally on the covers of vacationers, breaking the barrier with the inscription “entry prohibited”. In response to a comment, they offered to call the police and started the fight, the bruises got both sides of the conflict.

“Police! There arrived the Deputy chief of Lobachevskogo police Gorokhovsky Department of police GUNP, a good friend of the unknown and went looking for the perpetrators, who are these “law abiding citizens” bruised. Today I was in office and faced with widespread in our country, the phenomenon of nepotism and corruption, because these “guys” arrived on the Lexus wrote the application and now the investigation is going in the other direction,” writes the author of the publication.

In turn the incident reacted to the police in Volyn region.

“Everything is set out in a note the facts the police had taken into account… Also GUNP in Volyn region assigned to the investigation regarding the possible omission of the police, their behavior, communication with the participants of the incident, and the like. The police impartially and thoroughly examine all the circumstances of the case, interviewing all parties, the perpetrators will be held accountable, including, if it is confirmed that the representative of the local police attended one of the parties to the conflict”, – assured the police.