Hollywood actor revealed his most intimate secrets

Голливудский актер раскрыл свои интимные секреты

The handsome star Jake Gyllenhaal responded to intimate questions. About it reports the Telegraph.

Star kinokomiksa leading staged a difficult and utterly candid interviews that his fans will be grateful to her. Jake Gyllenhaal was a guest on Ellen’s show and took part in a short interview, in which he had to answer very pointed questions. Warm up with a leading asked what type of underwear he prefers actor: boxers or briefs? Jake chose the second option. It only seemed better for the fans and worse for him. “What are you sleeping?”, asked Ellen. “Nothing,” replied the actor, and in the audience was heard cheering and whooping. “Who is the sexiest of the Avengers? I know this is a difficult question,” admitted DeGeneres. Gyllenhaal has supported the colleague on the film called spider-Man.

Finally, the presenter asked, “is Your favorite body part?”. Jake had to clarify whether it has in mind the human body, and cross-after a few jokes he said, “I really like the rear part of the female neck.” Gyllenhaal also added that he considers very beautiful feminine collarbone and neckline in General. In addition, the actor admitted that goes to the metro and afraid show Ellen DeGeneres. Admittedly, not without reason.