Home dog brought the owners of the human skull: details and photos of emergency

Домашний пес принес хозяевам человеческий череп: подробности и фото ЧП

On 20 April, the domestic dog found human remains and brought them to the owners

This became known in the press service of the National police. It is known that the case occurred in the village of Solonitsevka Kharkiv region. The dog brought the terrible discovery in the master’s yard. They immediately called law enforcement. On the scene police arrived, the investigative team and the mobile crime lab.

It turned out that the dog found a skull and two bones. Experts said that the remains of about six months. They were sent on is judicial-medical examination. Currently, the police establish the location of human remains. In fact the incident was opened criminal case under article “murder”.

Earlier it was reported that on the territory of Znamensky district, Kirovograd region, was found a human skeleton and fragments of clothing. It is assumed that these are the remains of Diana Hrinenko. According to information, in place of the identification parade was held. The relatives of the missing minors had learned her stuff. The final decision on the identification will be made after carrying out the corresponding examinations.

We will remind, in the village of Subottsi Znamensky district went missing 17-year-old Diana Hrinenko night of the 24th of August. The girl left the house at about 21:00 in the center of the village on the celebration of Independence Day until the present time has not returned. As reported by the chief of the local Directorate of the National police, Diana never came to your house about 600 meters.

While searching for the girls in the village found human remains. During a meeting with activists of the chief of police region Roman Koziakov said that the girls have not yet yielded results.

Law enforcement officers of the region examine the involvement of two persons, committed a crime by missing Diana Hrinenko. Also to aid in the search for the girl, investigate such crimes of disappearances over the last 20 years.

Домашний пес принес хозяевам человеческий череп: подробности и фото ЧП

Домашний пес принес хозяевам человеческий череп: подробности и фото ЧП