Home of the brave Ukrainians who have decided to work in Poland, flew today from Ukraine

Два чартера с украинцами, решившими работать в Польше, улетели сегодня из Украины

According to the Order of the Rada of Ministers of Poland from 29.05.2020 on Board all air vehicles, including in the implementation of Charter flights, it is now possible to carry such number of passengers, which takes no more than half of the maximum number of seats on Board.

This was stated by the Company under international trudoustrojstvu Personal Gremi, which together with Ukraine International airlines exclusive organizes a series of Charter flights with the Ukrainian workers in Poland.

“In connection with the norm – today, June 6 from Kiev to Warsaw took off instead of one of our planned Charter or two. We moved 186 of our Ukrainian employees, who have already signed long-term labor contracts. The organization of two Charter – is a necessary measure. We could go to cancel the Charter, but despite the economic losses that we have suffered, immediately ordered two Charter flight in good faith to fulfill their obligations to our workers of the Ukrainian and Polish enterprises”, – said the owner of the company for international employment Gremi Personal Yevgeny Kirichenko. – For employees Gremi Personal flight free, as the company promised earlier. In addition, Gremi Personal takes on the stay of workers in quarantine centers on the mandatory 14-day quarantine.”

“We understand that the tightening of the rules of air travel is a necessary measure, which went to the Polish Government for health security in the condition of a pandemic. And we assume that it is justified with regular flights that are arriving, which may then violate the quarantine. But its application in the Charter is not quite appropriate. First the economic factor. In the acute shortage of Ukrainian labour force in Poland, Charter flights are still the only fast and safe to fill. Second, all arrived on our Charter still required to undergo 14-day quarantine under official supervision of the Polish authorities and focal points Gremi Personal quarantine centers, organized by our company. Also all arrived Ukrainian workers are provided with full medical insurance, including case COVID-19. Therefore, we expect that the Polish government will have a balanced approach to solving this problem as quickly as possible and will revise the rule limiting the number of passengers exclusively for Charter air transportation”, – stressed position of the company Tomasz Bogdevich, CEO of Gremi Personal.

As previously reported, the first Charter flight from Gremi Personal arrived in Poland on may 24, with 179 workers from Ukraine on Board. At the moment, workers are on the mandatory 14-day quarantine and health complaints among workers at the moment do not exist.

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