“Homeless “DNR”: the leader of the terrorists revealed the truth about the Russian passports in the Donbass

''Бомжи ''ДНР'': главарь террористов раскрыл правду о паспортах России на Донбассе

The leader of one of the divisions of terrorists “DNR” Sergey Sadofiev complained that the collaborators with the Russian passports do not have Russian absolutely no rights.

A screenshot from his sudden confession posted on his page in Facebook APU officer, Colonel Anatoly Stefan (Stirlitz).

“Well, we are Russians. But in Russia for us. No job, no residence, no housing, no social welfare – bums “DNR”. I am sure that we can be truly citizens of the Russian Federation only when the Donetsk region will become part of Russia,” naively assumed a war criminal.

In turn, the defender of Ukraine reminded the terrorist that the same fate awaits anyone who has been the accomplice of the invaders on Ukrainian territory. After all, the aggressor country was just using them for their own purposes.

“In Roissi not, no job, no residence, no housing, no social security – we are ordinary homeless people. Commented on passports “of garlandia” Rossi and one of the commanders of the Russian occupation troops Sergei Zavdoveyev. As always. Homeland will leave you, son! Moreover, always!” – said Stefan.

  • earlier the terrorist “DNR” Nikolai Kovalenko, who was traumatized by killing Ukrainians in Donbas, asked for financial assistance from the Russians.
  • A former employee of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine Igor boys, who had been a member of the Maidan and supported the terrorist “L/DNR”, was deported from Russia.