Honda motors patented Twin-Spark for CRF250L/CRF250 Rally

Honda запатентовала двигатели Twin-Spark для CRF250L/CRF250 Rally

One of the important topics of recent years is the reduction of emissions from internal combustion engines. And if some companies are addressing these challenges with electrical units, others, like Honda for example, upgrade the engine to meet stringent Euro-5.

Honda apparently is working on its own VVT system, and recently published a patent implies that this is not the only measure to reduce emissions, which it considers. In fact, the patent shows an adapted technology for Twin-Spark, two spark plugs per cylinder.

This technology is not new and in fact, engines with dual ignition was previously used motorcycles, including Ducati Multistrada. Twin-Spark not only helps increase power, but increases engine efficiency and reduces emissions.

While standard designs are usually placed two spark plugs at an angle on the edge of the upper part of the cylinder, the design of Honda hosts one of the two candles in the uppermost part of the cylinder. Along with the new ignition system, the patent proposes to add a new fuel pump and a new injection system.

It is expected that this engine will have two models – the CRF250L and CRF250 Rally. This is the smallest sport-bikes of the brand. Because the company has a lot of SUVs planned 2020, motorcycles with engines Twin-Spark will appear not earlier than 2021-th.

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