Honda Sports EV will go into serial production (PHOTO)

Honda Sports EV поступит в серийное производство (ФОТО)

It seems that the Honda Sports EV concept that Honda showed at the Tokyo motor show in 2017 can become a reality.

Pictures of the patent filed in the Japan patent office, showing what may be a serial Sports EV.

The first images of the patents show that the appearance of the concept car still: remain charming round headlights, as well as a long hood and front fenders with pronounced wheel arches.

The concept car had a more steeply sloped windshield and the hood had a large recessed cut-out. These images give the car a shape of a sports car with the average location of the engine, while the concept had more of a front layout. The rear lights on the oval panel in the patent is conceptually similar, except for shape, which was replaced with soft rectangles to ovals.

Of course, this may not be a sports EV, and some radically redesigned NSX or the so-called “baby NSX”, which Honda has developed as the successor to the S2000.

However, according to experts, this retro design in the future may be the same as that of Honda electric vehicles, while vehicles with a gasoline engine continue to update the current design language.

Until now, Honda had a good track record of implementation in the production of their adorable and quirky electric concept cars. Unfortunately, plans to sell a production EV Sports in the US don’t seem too positive. Honda said that it would consider a production car based on European and Japanese reviews, and did not mention, was concerned about her opinion of Americans.

However, all is not lost for sports electric “Japanese” in the United States. The automaker revealed the first details about his forthcoming modular architecture of electric vehicles and said he will Excel in sportiness and performance.

Honda Sports EV поступит в серийное производство (ФОТО)

Honda Sports EV поступит в серийное производство (ФОТО)

Honda Sports EV поступит в серийное производство (ФОТО)