Honda unveiled a concept drone Onsen bath

Компания Honda представила концепт беспилотника Onsen с ванной

Japanese automobile company Honda has presented the concept of the drone Onsen bath.

Korean designer Lee Hanbeom created the concept of a city car Honda with part of the interior that can be filled with warm water. The concept, called Onsen, is quite compact thanks to the use of a fully electric powertrain. For this reason, the designer managed to create a rather spacious cabin. One half of the vehicle is quite traditional and has a bench, facing backward.

The second half of the car is a cylindrical cell that uses gyro technology that allows it to remain suspended inside of the body. This cell is waterproof, when you click you can fill it with water.

Of the chair car got a massage feature. In addition, there is a way to divert just a couple from the cab.

The manufacturer called the new development an Autonomous vehicle for swimming.