Hong Kong protests: Taiwan promised necessary assistance to the people

Протесты в Гонконге: Тайвань пообещал необходимую помощь народу

Taiwan does not act the refugee act, which allows extradition of suspects on the territory of mainland China

Taiwan promises to provide the people of Hong Kong “required assistance” during the protests over the proposed China law on national security. The document prohibits protests and anti-government slogans.

This was announced by the President of Taiwan, Cai Inveni, writes Reuters.

Offer of help to the people of Hong Kong, the President of Taiwan published after the Chinese police dispersed with water cannons and tear gas recent rally in Hong Kong.

Later on Sunday, may 24, on his page in Facebook Cai said that the proposed law on national security is a serious threat to the freedom of Hong Kong and the independence of the judiciary. She said that the bullets and repression is not the way to meet the aspirations of the people of Hong Kong to freedom and democracy.

“In the face of changing circumstances, the international community is actively helping hand to the people of Hong Kong. Taiwan will be even more active in providing the people of Hong Kong needed help,” she wrote.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi said that the national security law in Hong Kong “should enter into force immediately.” According to him, the necessity of the law showed the months-long protests in Hong Kong in 2019, which, as in Beijing, “seriously threatened China’s national security”.

The protests began in Hong Kong after China adopted a law on extradition, which, according to Hong Kong, violated the rules of autonomy in this exceptional region. Pandemic coronavirus suspended the protests. This time, however, China has developed a bill, which would allow to disperse the protests, citing a “threat to national security”.

Against the background of these protests Taiwan became a refuge for the growing number of protesters in Hong Kong. On the territory of Taiwan is not in effect adopted the PRC law on extradition. China in turn accuses the proponents of Taiwan independence in collusion with the protesters.

Naponim, the United States has threatened China with sanctions in the case that Hong Kong will be deprived of a high degree of autonomy.