Hong Kong will pay residents for $1200 due to coronavirus

Гонконг выплатит жителям по $1200 из-за коронавируса

The authorities of the special administrative region announced a one-time payment to local residents for 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars ($1200) as a measure of social support because of the situation with coronavirus. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of Hong Kong Paul Chan, the relevant information is published on the website dedicated to the local budget.

Receive payments permanent residents of the district aged 18 years. According to Chan, this measure should stimulate local consumption, as well as to support the economy. The Finance Minister was quoted by South China Morning Post.

The authorities will also cut some taxes and pay one month rent for the poor who rent public housing.

These measures – part of ongoing government actions in support of population amid months of protests and the spread of coronavirus. In his speech in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Chan said that the past year was difficult for the administrative district and promised that the budget for the 2020-2021 years are tailored to helping businesses and households. Only on these purposes it is planned to spend $15 billion of the Money will be allocated from the Fund, which was created earlier because of the deteriorating economic conditions and problems with employment.

From the beginning of June 2019 in Hong Kong held a mass protest against the extradition act, after which Hong Kong would be able to extradite those suspected of committing crimes in mainland China, Taiwan and Macau. In September, the government withdrew the bill, but protests continued.