Honor is safe for Silber Pro

The Silber Pro Cycling team had one last chance to get their hands on the Elite Division Maple Leaf jersey on Sunday at the Canadian Cycling Championships with the presentation of the Criterium on a beautiful course in the Little White House Park area. in downtown Chicoutimi. Mission accomplished for the 12 runners of the “orange armada” who monopolized the podium.

I n fact, it is the young Nickolas Zukowski was crowned Canadian champion, while his teammates, the veteran Ryan Roth and the defending champion of the event, Pier-André Côté, are respectively mounted on the 2nd and 3rd podium match. Again, the riders were put to the test on a selective course, a loop with a small climb followed by a false flat and sharp turns in places. The Silber team quickly displayed its colors, with representatives constantly on the breakaway while the rest of the team took control of the back pack and neutralized any attack.

For 20-year-old Nickolas Zukowsky of Quebec, this was his first career Canadian title. It was not the original plan, but it ended up in the right place at the right time. “I was not a favorite for the criterium, but at the same time, with a selective course, you never know. If I found myself in the good breakaway, I could get a good shot. But we went for Pier-André (champion), if we were all together, “he said.

On the individual level, he is satisfied with his performance. “In the time trial, I wanted to match my performance last year. My teammate Adam Roberge, who is super strong at CLM, was the favorite. So I was really happy with my 2nd place (Silber Pro monopolized the U23 podium). Saturday, road race, I would have liked to do a better result, but I’m not disappointed. Bike races, we win and we lose. But today (Sunday), let’s say it’s the cherry on the sundae! ”

His team mate, Pier-André Côté, was not disappointed to have lost his title, as one of his teammates won. “As long as it stays in the team, it does not change anything for me,” he said.

The sprinter led the breakaway race for a few laps. “Today I had the go-ahead for the breakaways. Often, I have to spare myself for the sprint, but this time we had confidence that we were able to blow everything up and we did it really well. As the race progressed, the main players who could thwart our plans began to get tired. In the end, Nickolas attacked with Ryan Roth and one of the tough guys in the pack, Adam De Vos (Rallly Cycling). I just followed the movements behind and it brought me closer to them. We were able to get close enough to take De Vos back and do 1-2-3, “said the 21-year-old.

In the women’s Elite category, the Rally formation also had the podium in its sights and it was not long before it won its bet. Sara Bergen took top honors, while young Katherine Maine, the road champion on Saturday, took 2nd place. Leah Kirchmann (Sunweb) sneaked into third, ahead of Gillian Ellsay, another Rally runner.


In the juniors, the talented Simon Boilard appeared on the starting line with the knife between her teeth. Friday, in the road race, she had eclipsed her opponents, but she was disqualified for using the wrong gear. The Québécoise was aiming for the title and nothing else. “After what happened at the road race, I had it on my heart,” she confirmed in an interview (Today), it was a pretty selective circuit and from the beginning, I did not did not wait for anyone We forced the note and it worked well “, summed up the one who leaves with the jerseys of champion of the time trial and the criterium. She sprinted her team-mate’s breakaway, Magdeleine Vallières Mill, who earned the silver. Elizabeth Gin (Team BC) left with bronze.

In the men’s junior, British Columbia’s team had a brace, with Riley Pickell on his way to Canada’s first career road title. Teammate Thomas Schellenberg won the silver medal while Robin Plamondon (Quebec team) won the bronze medal.

Note that the difficulty of the course again skim the pelotons. Sharp turns, including the intersection of Dréan / Price, were the scene of a few falls.

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