Hooligan and youth? The time updated UAZ “Patriot”, giving him the “machine” – do not have enough diesel to complete happiness

Хулиганский и молодежный? УАЗ вовремя обновил «Патриот», дав ему «автомат» - не хватает дизеля для полного счастья

Ulyanovsk could do “Patrick” perfect frame SUV even without the issue of “Russian Prado”.

In fact, the UAZ “Patriot” with automatic transmission is exactly the same Runicom as it was decades ago, until, while standing still. Build quality remains average, with no failures and drastic improvements to the interior-level SUV for 800-900 thousand rubles, apparently, the severe black jeep, not differing design sensibilities of the exterior.

But the situation changes dramatically when the driver turns on the engine and takes off. UAZ “Patriot”, which was previously perceived as a SUV for “old and experienced”, by 2020, have learned to be quite a youth, and even more rowdy. The car rides very differently, finally getting rid of the main claims, that it imposes all.

Now riding at high speeds became a pleasure, not a curse, as in the previous UAZ “Patriot” with a manual transmission. Noises and vibrations disappeared completely, it feels like a factory job on a full-time insulation, there’s no other way to explain it. At the speed of 60 km/h only hear the noise winter tires and the highest quality of asphalt.

Increased comfort due to the fact that the automatic gear box of UAZ “Patriot” is designed to work with the engine to 320 horsepower, whereas “Patrick” is a 150-HP engine, so “machine” is a double “safety” which, when you change the oil according to the regulations, will allow “vasovagal” to do without trips to the service for 3-4 months.

The only thing missing from the updated UAZ Patriot – the diesel engine that is in store for the new SUV “Russian Prado”. With the turbo and a new box even relevant “Patrick” easily would make a perfect SUV for the Russian realities, allowing the Ulyanovsk automobile plant to rise to new levels of popularity.