Horoscope for 2019: what to expect signs of the Zodiac in the year of Yellow earth Pig

Гороскоп на 2019 год: чего ждать знакам Зодиака в год Желтой Земляной Свиньи

What will be 2019 for the different Zodiac signs and lucky in the year of Yellow earth Pig? This question has long been of interest to many people. We decided to warn you that promise the stars each Zodiac sign in the year of Yellow earth Pig (Boar). 2019 will be successful for the Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Also favorites of fortune will be the Earth signs – Taurus, Fire – lion and Air – Aquarius. Details read on.

Surely, you have heard that, based on the Chinese astrological calendar, this year will be to manage a Pig. It is interesting that in Japan the power in 2019 gave the Boar, and in Thailand – the Elephant. But who would be the country in which astrologers have given the reins to the New year is 2019, the meaning remains the same – we expect emotional in all respects a year of convergence, serenity and pragmatism.

If in 2018, Yellow earth Dogs are all interested in the search for the Golden mean, each of us tried to engage in charity, to be kinder, wiser, fairer, more honest, 2019 Yellow earth Pig, each of us will become more pragmatic and even opportunistic. On the foreground there will be personal problems. Each sign of the Zodiac in 2019 will be a little selfish and a miser, but don’t worry, because thanks to a little cynicism, which is located in the soul of each of us, we can achieve great heights. Still, overdoing it is not worth it – Yellow earth Pig all knows balance.


In 2019, Yellow earth Pig Aries will succeed in the career plan. If you clearly articulate your purpose in a great night of 31 December to 1 January, all will be realized. Don’t be afraid to demand from others more. It may be possible to argue on the field working with colleagues, but they should not hinder your ambitions. Prepare for the fact that in the year of the Boar you can surround many detractors, haters and manipulators. Don’t take intimidation seriously, nobody ain’t gonna hurt you. Possible health complications in the off-season. Also protect the kidneys.

Love horoscope for Aries in 2019 says that couples and representatives of the sign who are in relationships will be able to strengthen their Alliance and begin to understand loved ones better. Free representatives of the sign should pay attention to their surroundings, because someone I knew long ago laid eyes on you and wants to get out of the friend zone.

Prediction for Aries in 2019: to evaluate someone’s quality, it is necessary to have a certain amount of this quality in himself.


In 2019, Yellow earth Pig Taurus is something to think about. The main trend of the year for many representatives of the sign will be to find myself and my purpose. If you want to do charity, then do not restrain the noble impulses and consecrate your life to caring for others at least until I get the chance. In the middle of the year can dramatically go up the career ladder. Main advice – don’t be afraid and don’t doubt their capabilities. Usually advised to think first and then reply, but in your case it’s Vice versa – first, settle on the best deals, then consider the pros and cons. Competitors this year will be fairly active, so if you waver, the “money chair” simply knock out from under you.

Love horoscope for Taurus in the year of Yellow earth Pig 2019 says that many couples will decide on replenishment in family. Love and care will be very much. Try to be patient. Loved one will fulfill your desire that you think of new year’s eve 2019.

Taurus prediction for 2019: All that experienced, can be overcome; that which is suppressed, it is impossible to cross.


Astrological forecast for Gemini for the year 2019 warns that in the new year, representatives of the dual sign you need to be extremely cautious in financial matters. Do not take large or small loans, in any case, this won’t end well: expensive purchase or disappoint you, or won’t be able to repay the debt due to any circumstances. Be less stubborn and learn to finally listen to the advice of loved ones. At work start to take seriously the advice of colleagues, older and more experienced.

The Twins prediction for 2019: Your man is not one who “well with you” – you can be well hundred people. Your “without you bad.”


Stars promise Cancers in 2019 Yellow Earthen Pig many contradictions and controversial decisions. If you don’t learn to take firm decisions, whatever the consequences, you will not be able to feel free and happy. Many representatives of the sign will be decided on drastic changes in my life: someone will change jobs, some kind of activity in General, someone will have to change the city, and someone- the country of residence. Be attentive to health. In pursuit of a better life, can exacerbate chronic illness.

Love horoscope for Cancers to 2019 says in his personal life representatives sign things will change for the better. Relationship with partner will reach some new level that will have a positive impact on other spheres of life. Many Cancers marry and to procreate.

Prediction of Cancers to 2019: When people gossip about you it means that you have not only on themselves but also on others. They fill themselves you.


Horoscope for Leo for 2019 says a responsible attitude to work will help you to reach a whole new level of life. Thanks to sociability and the ability to like people, able to make lots of useful contacts that will prove so successful that it is a sin not to take advantage of a good situation. If you ignore the gifts that will yourself to fly in your hands, then fortune will turn away from you. Don’t ignore your intuition, if in doubt – double check the information. Take more care of health. You may need the help of a dermatologist.

Love horoscope for Leo for 2019 says that the free representatives of this sign waiting for many adventures. However, do not waste time in vain on people who are not serious in their intentions. Family signs will be able to enrich themselves and to acquire valuable real estate.

Prediction of Cancers to 2019: Sometimes you need to get the whole world to understand that the treasure is buried at your own home.


Horoscope for Virgos to 2019 says that in the year of Yellow earth Pigs need to take particular frugality to your finances. If you are going to spend large sums on something that is not absolutely necessary, will often be in distress. But it will also benefit and motivation to earn more. In the new year will benefit if you do sports or something else. A hobby can develop into your life. Don’t be afraid to change something. Only a few times in the new year you will have the opportunity to improve their lives, and only depends on you which direction you will go.

Love horoscope for Virgos to 2019 says that many representatives of the sign have to sort things out with your loved one. Those who are together less than six months, have to realize that for a long time they looked at their partner through rose-colored glasses, but true love is not prone to rupture. Available representatives of the sign will meet a wonderful man to the middle of the year.

Virgo prediction for 2019: If you notice that you are on the side of the majority, it is a sure sign that it’s time to change.


Horoscope for the year 2019 for the Weights said that the year of Yellow earth Pig will be very fruitful for the representatives of the sign. Not to delay the implementation of the plans to life. Conquer the peak with the beginning of the year and neither in a coma case, do not relax. If even for a moment will stop and we won’t be able to return to duty. Many representatives of the sign facing the weight gain. Try not to overeat, otherwise not just will increase your weight, but also worse health. Focus more on loved ones and family.

Love horoscope for the year 2019 says a Libra will decide to radically change in life. Marriage is a major joy in life of many representatives of the sign. Learn to listen to what excites your partner, if you do not want to spoil relations. Begin to deal with frequent attacks of aggression because of them, you can lose someone you care about.

Libra prediction for 2019: the Only person on earth that we can change is ourselves.


Horoscope for 2019 Boar for Scorpions says that the upcoming 365 days will be stable in all respects. Will be able to demonstrate leadership abilities, and the Council of the authorities contribute to achieving this goal. Do not be afraid to trust your intuition – it will help to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with potential partners. Take care of your health and do not risk it. You should not choose extreme recreational activities while on vacation, in most cases this ends up with injuries.

Love horoscope for Scorpion for 2019 says that the stars predict the free representatives of the sign nice romantic acquaintance, which may develop into a strong family Union. Many representatives of the sign who are in relationships, will often sacrifice themselves for the welfare of a loved one. Whatever you do, don’t lose respect for yourself.

Scorpio prediction for 2019: As a rule, is judged by what he laughs at.


Horoscope for 2019 Yellow earth Pig says that in the new year, you will succeed in all spheres of life. Favorably to start their own business, but you need to carefully calculate all the risks and the necessary funding. Do not hesitate to forgive about financial aid, if you believe in your success. Patrons will be found quickly if you’re active. There is a need to undergo a medical examination. Take care of your bladder.

Love horoscope for the year 2019 for Sagittarius says free representatives of the sign that the new year is a good time to travel to new places, they bring not only a pleasant experience, and useful contacts. On the love front, Sagittarius – the period of passion and emotion.

Sagittarius prediction for 2019: Trying to make a living, do not forget about life itself.


General horoscope for the year 2019 for Capricorn tells that in the year of Yellow earth Pig you will be busy work, which began in 2018. The time for boredom is not, as it will increase the responsibilities and demands on yourself. Treat easier to retreat and not engage in self-flagellation for no reason. No one will judge you for small punctures, but your insecurities are clearly not in your favor. Even if you do not fully understand what you are doing – do it with confidence. Luck is on your side. Also, your life will be even more people who appreciate you.

Love horoscope for Capricorn in 2019 says that the free representatives of the sign is not enough ease in order to have a meaningful romantic encounter. You are visually appealing to many members of the opposite sex, but your thoughtfulness deters potential “halves”. Representatives of the sign who are in relationships, should be more gentle with your loved ones.

Prediction of Capricorn in 2019: Victory goes to the one who will suffer for half an hour more than his opponent.


Horoscope for 2019 Yellow earth Pig for Aquarius says that many of the cases initiated in the beginning of the year may be delayed until the beginning of the new. Yellow Pig friendly, calm and sweet, of course, if you are not looking at him longingly, dreaming of kebabs, or chops. Over the 365 days and even informed you will be able to find new partners who are ready to make a significant investment in your projects, if you clearly know what is your request. Many enterprising Aquarius in 2019 will not be able to resist the temptation to open your own business.

Horoscope relations to 2019 says in love there is a possibility of worsening conflict with a loved one. Flirting on the side will not lead to anything good, but it will be disclosed. Try to answer the question what you want from your current relationship. If you care about your partner, it is better in the new year to break the relationship and focus on work. A very profitable year. Illness will not bring a larger concern, if you in time to contact the experts.

Aquarius prediction for 2019: You think so simple? Yes, it’s simple. But not so…


If in 2018, Yellow earth Dog representatives of the sign feel insecure and often could not understand his behavior, then in the new year Pig Fish will feel completely at ease. Neither you nor friends, or even superiors your ideas will not seem strange. Career prospects you will be full of health and confidence in his every action. Many representatives of the sign in 2019 will usher in a new angle, showing their best qualities. You will not have any health problems, except the minor cold by negligence, and the short-term.

In terms of love 2019 Yellow earth Pig is not the best for Fish, especially for those who are still in search of a life partner. Family representatives of the sign from time to time can cause conflicts on children, parenting methods, priorities.

The Fish prediction for 2019: the Highest wisdom – to know yourself.