Horoscope for all zodiac signs for the year 2020

Гороскоп для всех знаков зодиака на 2020 год

The year of the Rat is the first sign in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar, which means it’s time for an ambitious and brave people. What awaits each zodiac sign in the year 2020, find out in our material.


2020 for Aries will be very intense. The whole year you will not leave feeling that you all go to the goal and will not come. But surrender is not necessary: as soon as you bring at least one case to the end, with the rest all goes like clockwork. The most resistant Rat had a surprise.

Next year the rams should be proactive, and it’s not just about career but about his personal life. Available representatives of the sign can plunge into a new relationship in January. But family Aries the stars advise you not to swear at things, only then the relationship will be harmonious.


Next year is the period of opportunity for the Bulls. Why not put aside laziness and get together, in 2020 there is every chance that the cherished desires will become a reality. Important decisions come with the responsibility and the success is guaranteed.

Available representatives of the sign will enjoy attention of the opposite sex, and the family – want to build a nest. If your heart is still free, then the best period to search for the second half will fall. However, the love will unintentionally appear suddenly…


In the past year so the Twins plunged head first into things that he forgot about friends and personal life. Next year encourage them to get out of the comfort zone, there is a chance to meet someone. But do not rush to open the heart to anybody, be cunning like a Rat.

Next year the Twins will finally spend money on himself – he wants to make his life comfortable as possible. Such extravagance, of course, would entail the search for new sources of income. But it’s not a bad thing – the search result will be very successful.

Energy Cancers next year can only envy! You want to literally do the impossible – and the stars will be accompanied in this. To safely handle the intended, but just do not forget about the health of an excessive load would not help anyone.

In the year of the Rat every Cancer is the second half (except confirmed bachelors). Family Cancers warning: do not be a fleeting attraction – will not build new, but to lose it is really old. In the fall you will have to wait the gifts of fate on the personal front and business.

2020 for the lions will be filled with positive emotions. You are a long way towards your goals, and the Rat is ready to reward you for it. In the following year for each turn you will wait for a new opportunity, do not miss them! The stars will give you a great stamina.

Until the end of winter you will absorb working time, and in the spring you can go on romantic adventures. Yes, cold-blooded Lions want new emotions and unforgettable impressions! Free representatives of this sign wish to create a family and family – to have a child.


Virgo next year can achieve what you want. But there is one “but”: you have to forget about the rush and finally start thinking clearly. Be prepared for the fact that you have to make some important decisions, fear of impulsivity and negative mood.

To fall all more or less settled, though, the serenity is not worth thinking about. But at the end of the year, you will definitely have something to thank the Rat. Summer Virgins overwhelm romance, and even the most picky members of this sign will be able to find a soul mate.


Yellow Boar heavily trampled by you this year, but you definitely can relax. You will have all you need for happiness, so just live and enjoy the moment. Your intuition will help you to find the right path and to solve the problems nasosnoe.

If you are not in a relationship, it’s time to go “hunting”. Busy representatives of the star sign suggest to give more time to family. By autumn, all the problems will be settled, and the balance will be able to feel truly happy.


The Union of Scorpio and Rats myself, to be honest. A whole year of the Rat will throw you trials, so be prepared to show character. Forget about procrastination and stubbornly go to your goal things will work out. And the main thing – do not be afraid.

The stars advise you to focus on learning a hobby or new business. In dealing with the opposite sex need to be more cautious – it’s time to think about a serious relationship. Family Scorpions will complete the idyll with the second half.


Sagittarians this year is a little accustomed to what their fate is pampers (must be Yellow Boar to them favors). So, to forget next year will have to abandon the usual comfort. It’s time to dump the baggage of the past it will prevent you from moving on.

Next year good for establishing social ties. If you are going to tie the knot, the stars advise you not to delay it until the summer, in the hottest period of possible conflicts and omissions with the second half. September is the ideal time for the free archers to have an affair.


The year of the Rat for Capricorn will start not in a good way – it is possible that for a long time will knock you off track. But to give up immediately is not worth it – get something new. Will not have time to blink as all of January’s bad luck will remain in the past.

In your personal life will be brilliant as free Capricorn and busy. However, the stars warn that it is not necessary to renew the old relationship. Autumn will bring long-awaited peace in your heart, expect a lot of positive emotions.


Next year will be to remind the Aquarius steeplechase. Think of it as kind of a test, pass it and all will be well. In the first half of the year, possible financial problems, but you somehow miraculously cope with them.

What you will not have problems with is personal life. You are outgoing and charismatic, no wonder you have a lot of fans. In the summer of possible discord with the second half, but it can be solved if you talk and listen to each other.


If you have a long cherished dream, then now is the time to implement it. Rat loves the adventurous people who are willing to go to some risk to achieve a goal. You only need to put in a little effort and you’ll hit the jackpot.