Horoscope for April 18, 2019 for all zodiac signs

Гороскоп на 18 апреля 2019 года для всех знаков зодиака

Under a negative astrological aspects, Aries amplified irritability, resentment, increasing the likelihood of colds. We must remember that the main cause of all our ills – stress and instability of the nervous system. Great energy boost will bring any physical activity.


Taurus today will be very insecure in relation to their health. They tend to dwell on their illnesses for a long time to think about them, often falling into hypochondria. Inform the doctor about their ailments, do not self-medicate.


The position of the planets unfavorable for women Twins. Likely coldness and indifference to the shortcomings of the partner and even his lies. In this day of dangerous indifference and laziness. They are fraught with early aging, wrinkles, baldness. Overcoming apathy will be rewarded with an energy surge, the ability to change lives for the better.

It is not excluded that today Cancers will face with Frank envy, and secret hindrances. Overcoming all these obstacles, they will lose a lot of strength, but little to gain. Show your innate practicality in business. At best you’ll have great success, the accumulation of wealth in the worst – the fight against ill-wishers.

A new cycle begins. And it will be laying period of the events in the future. The lions will be in his element. A surge of energy and optimism will not let you sit still. Favorable business contacts. You will be able to implement your ideas and earn money if you are careful in choosing partners.


This day offers for a romantic liaison, travel, travel. There is increased need for close physical contact, hugging, displays of affection. Do not assume that someone you need something. But if you’re unselfishly glad, your sincere smile will attract to you many fans.


Likely depression. It may be expressed in the unwillingness to resist adversity and lack of hope for the future. This condition can be smoothed with the help of meditation, spiritual practices, prayers, yoga, anything that leads the mind into a state of quiet contemplation.


The position of the planets will encourage Scorpions to erect an impregnable wall in the house, strengthen the borders. This condition can turn their house into a fortress prison. We must trust the neighbors. Friendliness and hospitality will help to strengthen your house.


Conservatism and energy stagnation archers can lead to unpredictable destructive consequences. You need all your energy to guide in a constructive direction, and by monitoring and analysing every step.


Many people today will have to untangle the problems of the past, to ask forgiveness from those offended, to correct the mistakes, to repair the damage – “to patch holes”. Forgive those who have offended you. May you forgive debts.


The position of the planets indicates a risk of panic and even hysteria. Many Aquarians likely forced separation. You need to have incredible strength and endurance, not to become embittered and to restrain themselves in these moments.


It is not excluded the offer on change of job or direction in the activities of the Fish. We should be bold enough to try their hand, to learn, to gain experience. But only act according to the law: “begun is half done”. And there, see, and allies will appear, and patrons.