Horoscope for may 14, 2019 for all zodiac signs

Гороскоп на 14 мая 2019 года для всех знаков зодиака

For Aries, the day symbolizes the insight, determination, temper, self-confidence. Based on this they can make mistakes, be wrong, to inflate self-esteem. Not to get involved in the intrigue, think before you make a decision. Don’t forget about family – they will support in difficult times.


Day biochemical transformations and alchemy of body and soul. During this process, the body includes the subtle energy. Be careful, because today may be activated on all sorts of charlatans-healers, black magicians, sorcerers. Try a long time to be in crowded places.


The day symbolizes the duality. On the one hand, you will try not to interfere in the Affairs of others, and with another – would still prefer to be aware of all the problems and somehow to influence the situation. Do not load the burden of responsibility for the lives of others. The other reaction, except irritation, do not wait.

In addition to the routine home-work-the house of representatives of this sign waiting for social responsibility, which takes a lot of time and effort. The resulting attachment can be short. Hand in any case, do not leave it unfinished. Select a goal and go for it until it reaches.

In a love relationship (both men and women) it is possible to serious misunderstandings. You will lack sense of stability. The pursuit of fun and interesting – not your style.


The day is marked by dissatisfaction, desire willpower and extreme measures to turn back to objective events. You create your own problems and disease. Beware of physical and psychological overloads, which you can get sick. You need to “control myself”, watch the alternation of successes and failures as a natural change of day and night.


Many Scales today are determined to tempt fate to achieve her desired, any serious effort at any cost. It should not be so zealous. You risk to reduce everything to a purely utilitarian basis – to the practical interest and thereby devalue everything.


The day symbolizes charity, service. Scorpions, taking on some responsibility, able to consistently perform all of its obligations. Don’t sacrifice your well-being and health for the sake of excessive vanity.


Sagittarians today will be able to assimilate into a new team or in another country. Many people get pleasure from participating in large-scale cultural or public events. Do not fail those who trust you and facilitates your development. You will not indulge the desire to be “in the spotlight”.


Day symbolizes the beginning of new Affairs, strategic planning. The whole personal experience of the representatives of this sign can be centred on activities and projects that are about to begin. Get the joy of anticipation, planning, discussion of some of the activities, determining their role in the overall program.


Probably today, Aquarians will be focused on the issues of morality and the desire to find lofty explanations. Try not to dive into the world of abstractions, which will fade away your energy and impulses to action.


The day symbolizes the achievement of the goal, victory. Today, many Fish use the favorable odds and will “push out all the stops” for their own purposes. In this situation, find common ground with other people and consider their interests, otherwise you will suit themselves and their hard life.