Horror Devotion was removed from Steam. Developers supported the Vice-Premier of Taiwan

Хоррор Devotion удалили из Steam. Разработчиков поддержал вице-премьер Тайваня

A couple of days ago it turned out that the Taiwanese Studio Red Candle Games left in his new horror Devotion poster with the offensive statement towards a political leader XI Jinping (X? J?np?ng). The Chinese didn’t like it, and they threw the game page in Steam negative reviews. Today, the entertainment and all left the area of the Valve.

When the scandal first broke, the authors entertainment quickly removed the offending poster and rolled out a post with an apology. There they said that the slogan “XI Jinping is an idiot Winnie-the-Pooh” was used as a stub in early versions of the game and not had to get to the release. Today, the Red Candle has released a new statement.

First and foremost, developers have noted that walking on the Network rumors regarding Devotion, is wrong. According to the authors, the sources of official information at the moment are only their page in Facebook and Steam. They also apologized again for the lack of professionalism and asked not to disturb their partners.

Recall that from the Red Candle, apparently, abandoned two of the publisher. Besides, the official website of the Studio is not currently working as it account in a large Chinese social network Weibo. In addition, all the videos dedicated to Devotion, was removed from YouTube channel developers.

Despite the dire situation and the sad predictions (the Studio can be thrown out of business), have a Red Candle there is still a chance for salvation. Vice-Premier of Taiwan , Chen Chi-Mai (Chen Chi-mai) recently held a stream in support of developers, which has played in Devotion. Below is an excerpt in which he and his company are scared of a real door knock. In addition, the re-broadcast looked and Premier of Taiwan su Zeng-Chan (Su Tseng-chang).