Hospital Banquet: doctors in Dzhankoy can be punished for the feast at lunchtime

Больничный банкет: врачей в Джанкое могут наказать за праздник в обеденный перерыв

The service check runs in Dzhankoy the hospital for violation of physicians working discipline. She initiated the publication of the video in social networks one of the visitors of medical facilities. According to the woman, she were not able to sign the documents for a sick child, but found a great team of physicians in one of the rooms for the dinner table. Commented on the situation RIA Novosti Crimea Deputy Minister of health of the RK Nikolay Derkach.

In a video published in social networks, it is clear that a group of doctors – at least 15 people in white coats gathered in one of the operating rooms of the hospital. Tables pushed together and covered as for the corporate Banquet.

According to Deputy Minister of health of Kazakhstan, the incident occurred early last week during lunch break.

“Not ready to say that there was an event in the collective, but nothing sorghastrum when this did not happen. A woman with a child was sent to Simferopol: all help was rendered to the child, it must be transported. Mom has issued the form No. 7, which had to be stamped. All the confusion comes from the fact that she couldn’t do it in a timely manner – have not found the right person and start to walk through the rooms”, – said Mykola Derkach, the background of the emergence of revelatory video.

According to him, the duty of physicians in this time were in their places, participated in the incident and the medical team, “which was not involved in the work.”

“If there were victims, if there was a question about the refusal of assistance – it would be a different story. But at the moment, this case can be considered as a violation of the disciplinary character: the organization of work of doctors. Their main fault is that they took the food in an inappropriate place and in working clothes. No-one was drinking alcohol, not rowdy,” said Derkach.

As told in the Ministry of health, at this point, the chief doctor of the Dzhankoysky hospital initiated an internal review.

“Explanatory conversation with the staff – it was a preliminary measure. After an official investigation, administrative measures will be taken against those proven guilty,” – concluded Mykola Derkach.