Hospitalization Selena Gomez: insiders said the details of a nervous breakdown artist – 24 Channel

Госпіталізація Селени Гомес: інсайдери розповіли деталі нервового зриву артистки - 24 Канал

American singer Selena Gomez got into a psychiatric hospital for an emotional breakdown. Many netizens immediately speculated that this happened because of his marriage to ex-lover artist – Justin Bieber.

As reported by insiders People, sudden hospitalization Selena Gomez should not be linked only with the wedding of her ex-boyfriend. According to them, the artist is very emotional, so several events have affected her health.

“There have been several events that influenced her emotional state. She is a very sensitive person, and her life is full of provocations and stimuli – that’s why she took a break in communication in social networks. She is very much influenced by the negativity and hatred they are facing. She takes it all too seriously,” – said the insider.

Each of the environment Selena Gomez admitted that indeed the sudden nuptials of Justin Bieber with model Hailey Baldwin played the role in the hospitalization of the singer.

So, for it is not easy to constantly hear and see the news about the relationship of Justin. But she also faced with other stressful situations. To return to the hospital was for her quite difficult. Unfair to say that any one event caused it, because depression is a combination of a number of problems,
– added the insider.

Another source said that Selena Gomez peerbaba under the supervision of doctors. Star feels good, and executes all the instructions of doctors. Therefore, it is likely the actress will be discharged from the hospital.

“Selena is a fighter and will recover very soon. She listens to all the doctors, diet and exercise. Every day she’s getting much better,” admitted an insider.

What is known about depression Selena Gomez?For the first time on mental health problems Selena Gomez media began to talk in the beginning of 2018. Reporters learned that in February the actress was a two-week course of treatment for depression. Fans and foreign media was associated with a number of challenges that accompany the actress for the past 1.5 years: separation from her beloved by The Weeknd, recovery and another breakup with Justin Bieber and a disease called “spinning top”, for which she was forced to agree to a kidney transplant. Recently the star also said that he was leaving the social networking, particularly Instagram, for an indefinite period.

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