Hosted the NBA draft in 2019, the first number chosen Zion Williamson

Состоялся драфт НБА-2019, под первым номером выбрали Зайона Уильямсона

In the night from Thursday to Friday, June 21 at the Barclays Center arena in new York, the ceremony of the NBA draft in 2019. The first number “New Orleans” projected chose Zion Williamson, a striker of “Duke”.

Thirty players were painted between the different teams during the first round of the draft.

1. New Orleans – Zion Williamson (201 cm, 18 years old), forward, Duke

2. “Memphis” – ja Morant (191, 19), point guard, Murray state

3. “New York” – R. J. Barrett (201, 19), forward, Duke

4. “Lakers” (pic sent to New Orleans sent to Atlanta) – Deandre hunter (201, 21), forward, Virginia

5. Cleveland – Darius garland (188 cm, 19), a point guard, Vanderbilt

6. “Phoenix” (sent to Minnesota) – Jarrett CULVER (201 cm, 20 years old), forward, Texas Tech

7. Chicago – Kobe white (196 cm, 19 years), point guard, North Carolina

8. Atlanta (sent to New Orleans) Jackson Hayes (211, 19), power forward, Texas

9. “Washington” – Rui Hara (203 cm, 21), forward, Gonzaga

10. Atlanta – Cam Reddish (203 cm, 19 years old), forward, Duke

11. “Minnesota” (sent to Phoenix), Cameron Johnson (206 cm, 23 years), forward, North Carolina

12. Charlotte – P. J. Washington (201, 20), forward, Kentucky

13. “Miami” – Tyler Herro (196 cm, 19), defender, Kentucky

14. “Boston” – Romeo Langford (198 cm, 19), defender, Indiana

15. “Detroit” – Sekou Doumbouya (206 cm, 18 years old), forward, Limoges

16. Orlando – the Plague Okiki (203 cm, 20 years old), forward, Auburn

17. “Brooklyn “(sent to Atlanta, sent to New Orleans) – Nikhil Alexander-Walker (196 cm, 20 years old), quarterback, Virginia Tech

18. “Indiana” – Goga Bitadze (212 cm, 19 years old), forward, Buducnost

19. “San Antonio” – Luca Cordero Samanic (208 cm, 19), the forward of “Olympia”

20. “Boston” (sent to “Philadelphia”) – Mattis of Tibl (196 cm, 22 years), defender, Washington

21. “Oklahoma city” (sent to Memphis), Brandon Clark (203 cm, 22 years old), forward, Gonzaga

22. “Boston” – Grant Williams (201 cm, 20 years old), forward, Tennessee

23. Utah (sent to Memphis, sent in “Oklahoma”) – Darius Baizley (206 cm, 19), the forward trained alone

24. “Philadelphia” (sent to “Boston” sent to “Phoenix”) Ty Jerome (196 cm, 21), point guard, Virginia

25. Portland – Nassir little (201 cm, 19 years old), small forward, North Carolina

26. “Cleveland” – Dylan Windler (203 cm, 22 years old), forward, Belmont

27. “Brooklyn” (sent to “clippers”) – Mpondo Kabengele (208 cm, 21), forward, Florida state

28. Golden state – Jordan Poole (196 cm, 20 years old), defender, Michigan

29. “Toronto” (sent to “San Антоніо2) – Keldon Johnson (198 cm, 19), Kentucky

30. Milwaukee (sent in “Detroit” sent in “Cleveland”) – Kevin porter (198 cm, 19), quarterback, southern California

Note that not a single Ukrainian in the current draft was not. In 2018 NBA draft was selected Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk. He was selected by the Lakers in the second round under 42 number. Another Alexei Laziness was selected in the draft in 2013. In the first round, he chose Phoenix.

What is the draft?
This procedure is the choice of professional teams players do not have an active contract with any of the teams in the League. When a team selects a player, it gets exclusive rights to signing that player and no other team in the League is unable to sign it.

The NBA draft, which takes place every summer in the theaters of new York only lasts two rounds. Instead of automatically granting the right of choosing first in the draft the worst team of the previous draw, the NBA holds a lottery draft to determine the holder of the right of first choice. The first three numbers of the draft are distributed according to the probability of selection among the 14 teams that were unable to get into the playoffs last season. This discourages teams wish to play to get the first pick, but also leads to other contradictions.

Teams choose players from the NCAA and from teams overseas. Before it was decided to select players directly from high school, but in 2006 the NBA wanted the players waited a year after high school before playing in the NBA. Almost all the best players of the United States thus play at least one year in College.