Hosting for the website: what is, how to choose

Хостинг для сайта: каким бывает, как выбрать

Launching the Internet project, it is important to pay special attention to not only its structure, but also the choice of the hosting space on a server where will be stored files. Subsequently this will allow to provide stability of the resource and expand its capabilities on demand – can scale, connect the required number of scripts, etc.

The types of hosting

First of all, it should be noted that the hosting is paid and free. The latter is not suitable for the Internet sites of the companies, firms, competing for the loyalty of users and also shops. By the way, details about how to choose hosting for your site store, visit the website: But, in General, it all comes down to the fact that sites hosted on free hosting, usually embedded ad units provider. In addition, such platforms are not enough resources for the functioning of modern websites with dynamic pages, making them slower to boot, and their contents may not fully displayed. Moreover, there are technical issues that also need attention, but this – below.

Please note that the free trial periods that provide hosting companies to allow users to assess the quality of their work, do not apply to free hosting.

Technically the hosting is divided into:

  1. Virtual. To explain their features, to make the analogy to an apartment house. Each site – your own space, but one IP address, one (the server database). Access your own files is done via FTP. It supports PHP, MySQL databases, and sometimes modern technology Node.js that greatly expands your options – you can implement most of the projects.
  2. VPS. If we draw the analogy with the construction, it’s a townhouse. The server is virtual, it can also host other sites, but each will have its own IP address. Users can create the desired number of databases, FTP clients, choose the operating system and customize it for themselves.
  3. Dedicated server. This is the most expensive but also the most favorable option – in this case, the customer receives a separate physical media. This additional power, since all media resources will be available to one customer, not several as in the previous cases.

By the way, the administration of a dedicated server assuming the hosting providers.

How to choose hosting

You can consult with specialists “Deletehost” on choosing hosting for a website. Most often they recommend you to pay attention to:

  1. The amount of disk space. So, for websites, business cards and a Landing Page can last up to 60 MB, while for larger sites with a huge number of pages, graphic elements should be at least 100 MB.
  2. Functional set of tools. Especially important: backup files, protection against DDoS attacks, support popular admin panels, support of modern technologies and scripts, unlimited traffic, etc.
  3. The level of support. Needless to say how important round-the-clock assistance for rapid problem solving.

Finally, the last criterion – the optimal ratio of price and quality of services provided. You can see the rates on the site you can: