Hot Sziget-2018

Жаркий Sziget-2018

Pulitzer prize-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar is the first of the headliners of the music festival Sziget in Budapest with his performance on Wednesday was pretty warmed up the audience. But the very next day about 70 thousand visitors of the festival were faced with a real heat. On Thursday the temperature of the air in the Hungarian capital rose to 38 degrees Celsius. Authorities are warning the public about the measures necessary to combat the heat. Therefore, the organizers of Sziget provide water and encourage to reduce the use of alcohol… at least for a While.

Despite the abnormal weather conditions, all tickets for the first days of Sziget sold out. And, it seems, no natural disasters will not stop the guests desire to enjoy performances of favorite artists.

In this heat it is recommended to drink water, but not too cold. We therefore advise our guests to do this as often as possible. We have installed drinking fountains in all areas, and it’s absolutely free, “says festival Director.

To combat the heat, the organizers also decided to use fire ammunition. All the roads of the island, and the festival is held there, as well as languishing in the heat of the guests poured water from fire hoses.

Drinking fountains, watering from the hose can be saved from sweltering heat, but only cool water of the Danube can bring real relief“, our correspondent Daniel bozsik from Budapest.

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