Hotel Sommer – tips for choosing and exploitation

Электросамокат – советы по выбору и эксплуатации

For travel around the city, for example, to study, to work or for a walk, people are increasingly choosing an electric skateboard. A relatively new type of transport is valued for reliability, ease of operation and convenience – it goes through the motor, and when the battery runs low, it can be used like a regular scooter. At the same time to leave the vehicle in the hallways or in Parking lots do not need worrying about its safety. Many models are foldable upon arrival to the destination they are easy to pick up (office or apartment).

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What to consider when choosing

When buying electric skateboard it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • Its type. Along with the usual models for the city are issued and options terrain. They are powerful, heavy, perfect for a drive on the dirt road, on the road.
  • Capacity. The fact that there are children and adult models. Last withstand weight up to 200 kg, but generally do not have the speed limiter and optional safety features. The option affects the price of vehicles, but savings are not worth it. On the contrary, it is better to take an electric skateboard with a reserve capacity – his frame is stronger and the risk of overloading is excluded.
  • Weight. Different models can weigh from 6 kg to 50 kg. it is Important to understand that the vehicle the heavier, the hardier it is. But on the other hand, the lighter, the easier on it to go, especially when the power runs out. Easy electric skateboard is easier to carry, to raise, in particular, to overcome the border, climbing the stairs.
  • Speed. For children usually take models that can be dispersed up to 12 km/hour for adults, up to 25-35 km/h. There are vehicles with a maximum speed of 100 km/hour, but to ride these no habit can be uncomfortable (is the speed of the car).
  • The type of battery. It can be a lead and a lithium-ion. The first budget one, but weigh a lot and for a long time charged. In addition, they have a small resource. Li-ion online and more. They are light, capacious, but more expensive.
  • Battery capacity, range. Parameter prescribed in the specifications and is measured in ampere-hours (Ah). Minimum capacity – up to 10 A·h (this model covers the distance up to 25 km), maximum – up to 35 A·h and it, respectively, to 110 km from the reserve on a single charge may be reduced the practical half. It all depends on the driver quality of the roadway, finally, the road conditions.
  • The number and size of the wheels. There are two-wheeled and three-wheeled model (two front or two rear wheels). Tricycles – more cumbersome, though more convenient (they do not need to keep the balance). Can have a seat that was more comfortable to travel long distances. The size of the wheels affect the permeability – the bigger they are, the easier it is to drive on rough road, on grass. So, if you plan to ride on pavement, get the model with wheels up to 8 inches, and if on the road, up to 12 inches.

By the way, is another design wheels: solid last longer as resistant to punctures, but are designed primarily for good paved roads. Inflatable can be punctured, but they are indispensable on bad roads, so as to dampen vibration, and get then comfortable.

Operating tips

That the model has served faithfully for more than a year, regularly inspect it before using and if you have any doubts, show master. Starting on such a vehicle, it is recommended smoothly – this will allow the motor to warm up. Sharp turns it is better not to do to avoid damage. And frost an electric skateboard is no need at all to use is not necessary. The same applies to bad weather – the water falling on its details, can quickly bring them down.