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Як людині може допомогти музична терапія - 24 Канал

Music can enhance mood, evoke pleasant memories, or simply to reassure. And scientists say that music can have a significant impact on health, so it is a separate branch of therapy.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote acting Minister of health Suprun.

“Generally, music therapy is used in addition in different types of rehabilitation and treatment of patients. Certified music therapists are musicians with experience who understand what is emotional reactions to the music, how it helps to relax and tune into positive emotions,” said Suprun.

She added that music therapists select the individual style of music or even play musical instruments as therapy, which will help a person in a specific situation is to pass complex physical rehabilitation or to calm down before an important operation.

This therapy in different ways may improve the results of treatment and quality of life of the patient:

impact on weakening the symptoms of pain, nausea, heart rate, blood pressure and even on the immune and endocrine systems;

gives a good result in the treatment of depression, anxiety and stress, helps to trigger memories and reduce agitation in people with dementia.

the biggest impact music has on the brain. It affects the cognitive functions of a person. The ability to focus, develop creativity, improve memory and overall learning can be improved thanks to music.


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