How are you going to raise salaries and pensions of the presidential candidates of Ukraine

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

We continue to acquaint readers with the programs of candidates in presidents of Ukraine. This time will explain how they are going to raise salaries and pensions, and create jobs.

Vladimir Zelensky

Actor and showman in the program a little bit mentioned about salaries and pensions. In particular, he promised decent salaries for officials, without putting their specific amount. The politician also promises high salaries to doctors, again without specifics. Whether raised living standards and wages other Ukrainians – remains in question. Perhaps this will be done by raising the level of the economy? More on this in our previous article.

Separately, Zelensky said the issue of pension provision. He offers the transition from solidarity, which is now in effect, to a funded pension system. The politician also suggested that pension after his death passed into the heritage of the family, as well as to monetize the benefits and subsidies that are already partially fulfills the Cabinet this year.

Petro Poroshenko

Petro Poroshenko also plans to raise pensions and salaries by the country’s economic development. To do this, the current President offers five priority areas for development. The first is through leadership in the agricultural sector, namely the emphasis on exports of processed agricultural products. The second priority is the IT sector, but the government is going to encourage its development remains unclear. Apparently a recent bill from the Ministry of social policy.

The third priority is a high-tech industry such as aircraft – and shipbuilding, space industry and defense complex, as well as science. Given the fact that at the moment, all these sectors are loss-making or subsidized by the state, then it is hard to believe that in the nearest future they will be able to help boost the economy of the country. Fourth priority – international transport hub, despite the fact that the Ukrainian infrastructure – not the best in the world (130-e a place on road, 93-e – port, 92-e – aviation and 37th on the train). The fifth priority is tourism. But it is also doubtful in the short term. According to the report of the world economic forum in 2017, Ukraine is located at 88 place for tourist attraction (for comparison, Poland 46 place 43 place below of the neighbors, only Moldova with 117).

Separately, a politician promises to raise the salaries of officers, teachers and doctors, but how much is unknown.

Yulia Tymoshenko

In the section of the program “New social doctrine” proposes to increase the average wage in Ukraine for 5 years 3.5% to the level of wages in Poland. How Tymoshenko will be able to achieve such great results, is unclear.

If we talk about pensions, the politician offers a personalized pension system. In her pension contributions are deposited in a separate Bank account, they will total Deposit interest. Also the balance of the pension account can be inherited by relatives of the deceased. Also, Tymoshenko promises to pay pensions in full for working pensioners.

Yuriy Boyko

One of the leaders of “the Opposition platform “For life” in their program promises the people of Ukraine income that is not less than minimum wage. While the minimum wage, according to people’s Deputy, must meet the “real needs of people.” According to Boyko, the minimum wage should be 7 thousand UAH, and pension – 3 thousand UAH. Also in a recent application of policies in the event of coming to power promised to raise teachers ‘ salaries up to 15 thousand UAH. and not to deprive doctors, but did not specify how. The situation is similar with other social benefits that the MP is also going to increase. In addition, the independent candidate promises to repay wage arrears in state enterprises and budget institutions.

Pension reform Boyko promises to reconsider. The minimum insurance period to make 15 years and the possibility of preferential retirement for workers in certain occupations. However, what this profession, the candidate did not specify. As, in principle, due to what is happening all these wonders with the reduction of pensionable service and increase in salaries, Boyko never explains.

Oleg Lyashko

The leader of the Radical party, in its programme, which looks more like artwork than a political program, offers decent salaries and pensions, “when a sniper on the front gets 80 000 hryvnia, and the sniper NABS 15000, and not the other way around”. Separately Lyashko promises to recalculate the pensions for ex-farmers, and to increase scholarships to students of vocational schools.

Promises that all policies in the case of translating “the anti-Crisis plan of economic development” and “Industrial reform package”. In particular, the latter refers to the increase in the minimum wage to RS 4200. Economic ideas of a candidate can highlight the abolition of mandatory sale of currency earnings by exporters, the abolition of import duties on equipment, higher rates for import to Ukraine of foreign products, cheap loans for Ukrainian companies, etc. But there are several objections. First, you have not defined the exact timing of implementation of these standards, including when it will be raised the minimum wage. Second, some provisions of the plan are contrary election program Lyashko. In particular, in section 4.3. “the accumulation of international financial assistance” team Lyashko offers to attract large-scale international financial assistance, “modern Marshall Plan”. In his election program clearly says “No to IMF, No to foreign loans.” So the question arises about possibility complete these sentences.

Anatoly Gritsenko

Colonel Gritsenko going to solve the problem of shortage of people of working professions, together with businessmen on modern technology through the restoration of vocational education and the abolition of the taxes to philanthropy in educational institutions. Will public policy encourage the creation of jobs for immigrants. And for all young people who receive education on the state order, the state, the project Gritsenko, will be guaranteed first job. Note that Ukraine has already passed. In reality, the majority of specialties, the state cannot provide work, except that a rural teacher.

Also Anatoliy Hrytsenko promises to “decent” salary and pensions of military and teachers. Pensions the leader of the party “Civic position” is going to increase to “the economically justified level, which will take into account fair labor contribution and qualification” to make the minimum pension below the subsistence minimum.

Eugene Moore

The leader of the party “Our” sees job creation as a key goal of economic policy. The MP believes that people need to take in the industry: to build ships, planes, cars, space technology from its raw materials, the hands of his professionals. Many state-owned enterprises, according to Evgeniy murayev, need not privatization, and effective management and clear financial plan. The MP proposes to produce weapons and to return Ukraine to the top 10 arms exporters, to run on the main profile of the plant “Pivdenmash”. And all of this will contribute to the business activity of the business, the need for IT specialists and introduction of advanced innovation. The salaries of teachers, doctors, law enforcement officers Eugene Moore wants to do such that they do not take bribes.

The amount of the pension Moore proposes to establish no lower than “actual” living wage, and the retirement age tied to life expectancy and to reduce. Pensions should be adjusted annually taking into account growth of consumer prices. Recall that the pensions of Ukrainians for budgetary savings is not sufficiently indexed.

The MP wants to reduce taxation on working people and to make participation in the system of state pension provision by introducing a voluntary instrument, pension bonds, the holders of which will be provided with the tax credit. People will buy bonds from the state, for which he will be able to hope for a higher pension. It is especially advantageous to buy pension bonds to citizens working abroad and making no contributions to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. In the short term it will give the extra money to pay pensions now and in the long term – funds for pensions will be accumulated at the expense of economic and social development of the country. Of course if the bonds are not “burned” like money in the savings Bank of the USSR.

Andriy Sadovy

The mayor of the city is going to raise the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons to its “actual” size, which manifests the government. And to stop the unemployment and the outflow of young people will help support the development of a creative economy, where ideas, not just resources and technology, will bring success and create added value. Thanks to the creative economy young people will remain in their towns/villages and preserve identity. It is also planned to oblige public companies to implement socially responsible strategy in relation to the staff and to introduce incentives for the development of social responsibility of business.

Veterans the mayor of the city is going to pay a lump sum of 100 thousand UAH. and soldiers and doctors to pay the salary not less than 1 thousand dollars. in the hryvnia equivalent. Teachers, the project leader of “Samopomich” will pay 1,333 average salary in Ukraine.

The pension issue Andriy Sadovyi plans to solve the introduction of individual pension savings without an increase of the single social contribution (now is 22% of salary).

Alexander Shevchenko

The candidate from the party “DILL” being a sort of Robin hood, under the slogan “the Rich should share with the poor” wanted for 3 years the minimum wage was 500 Euro, and pension – 300 euros (with a corresponding growth of the economy and investment in Ukraine). For self-employed individuals will be reduced and simplified. The politician also promises to “support” students, teachers and scientists instead of subsidies bureaucratic structures and controllers. All citizens should be “easy taxes” and “effective social protection”.

For the required annual growth of the economy of Ukraine at the level of 7-10% candidate plans to raise $ 10 billion. investment in the year on “the creative economy of the future.” It is also planned to stop subsidizing the highly profitable monopoly at the expense of taxpayers and send the money to the farmers. And the basis for stable economic progress “ukropovets” Alexander Shevchenko sees the middle class and civil society.

Olexander Vilkul

The ex-Governor of Dnipropetrovsk region plans to create “hundreds of jobs”, and for this he will build and develop existing enterprises to develop industry and technical and scientific base, and to increase the state order for engineering products, to protect domestic producers, to create comfortable conditions for development of small and medium-sized businesses. Jobs will appear due to the construction and development of power plants, growth of gas production, investment in airports, roads, modernization of Railways and rolling stock, support of tourism, business, historic and Wellness.

Jobs need to be created in the agricultural sector. So, Vilkul promises to implement fair valuation of the lease of land shares with monthly payments owners. And the icing on the cake will be the support of agro-industrial complex on the principle of “green box”: the state compensation 50% of the cost of fixed assets in the processing of, payment of interest on loans, development of infrastructure of villages.

In addition, Alexander Vilkul promises to increase financial support and expand social benefits for the military. If elected President, Alexander will pay doctors salaries at a rate of 1.5 of the average wage in the area. Not find that most of the items not in the powers of the President?

The son of the mayor of Krivoy Rog wants to do so the employer did not pay a single social contribution per person, which is his first job, and to release young professionals to 27 years from the tax to incomes of physical persons. we will Remind that at the expense of the single social contribution shapes the future pension of the employee. Who and how will pay for such an employee to receive a pension, and where to get the money to repay the deficit of the Pension Fund, the politician did not specify.

Pensioners should take a pencil, thanks to the candidate Oleksandr Vilkul from the “Opposition bloc” pension can not be less than 40% of the average wage in the country, and additional accruals to the pension Fund will not be taxed. Also due to the state each retiree will be issued an insurance policy.

Dmitry Chernyshev

Maksim Krasikov

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины

Как собираются повышать зарплаты и пенсии кандидаты в президенты Украины