How astronauts prepare for spacewalk: interesting video

Как астронавты готовятся к выходу в космос: интересное видео

The astronauts currently on the International space station (ISS), shared a video, where they are preparing for the next spacewalk.

For us, the footage is really exciting, because give the opportunity to learn more about the life of astronauts on the station.

Video released by the press service of the Canadian space Agency.

“A great day is coming! David Saint-Jacques prepares for his first spacewalk Anne McClain on April 8. Spent a few days to build the costume and tools, now is the time to try it on!”, reads the description of the video.

What is known about Anne McClain? The name of the astronaut now is widely known. She along with another colleague-a woman Christine cook was supposed to go into space. It was supposed to be the first ever exclusively female output.

However, after the first exit McClane into space, she realized that she does not fit the suit. Now NASA has only one “female” suit, so the historic yield is deferred.

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