How cruel the mafia survived the shooting: the facts about the oldest gang in USA

Как жестокий мафиози выжил после расстрела: факты о старейшей банде в США

After the civil war in the 1890-ies in new York surged just after the crazy flow of people of immigrants. The city became the first stop for millions of people who came to the U.S. in search of a better life. It was at this period had the base of the oldest mafia of America – Irish.

One of those who came to new York in 1904, was half-English, half-Irishman owney Madden – the son of a petty thief who decided to escape from poor life. Clueless young man in a few years became one of the most influential gangsters of the city and get the call “Killer”.

Immediately upon arrival he was in an area called Hells”s Kitchen – Hell’s kitchen, where robberies, kidnappings and street fights were daily. There side by side perfectly coexisted with poverty and crime. And here in such conditions Owney Madden had to start his new American life.

Little owney Madden began to break into street life. Petty theft, cooperation with other gangs and racketeering became his habitual style of life. The streets of Hell’s Kitchen became his second home. Money enough not only for themselves, but even the support of his family. To jump out of the vicious circle of “deals” Hell’s Kitchen back to its usual peaceful life was almost impossible.

Over time the theft was changed by the murders. Owney Madden had been working “grown-up”. It quickly drew the attention of the members of the Gopher gang. Madden, differing special cruelty and composure never wavered – he killed disadvantageous people in any place and by any means.

The researchers of the Irish criminal street gangs claim that owney Madden killed their victims with metal pipes (through the chest), beaten with a stick and crushing the head or just shot in the face.

Madden has proven itself in the criminal society as a person who is willing to go into battle, whether with guns, or with bare hands. Only up to 16 years of age he killed five people. This criminal path in Hell’s Kitchen he’s regarded as an opportunity to raise themselves and their authority in society,

– said the writer T. J.

In 1912, owney Madden was involved in a shooting. He was so sure in his authority and impunity, that he decided to come out for a drink, which was in the enemies territory – the Hudson Dusters. It is immediately noticed and ambushed. While he missed a glass or two, enjoying the attention from women, its just a back shot, leaving to die on the floor.

When police arrived, they didn’t even know where to go: the hospital or the morgue. Put 11 bullets. However, he was taken to the hospital and doctors removed 6 bullets. The rest remained with him until the end of life. Owney, otkhodov from wounds carefully planned revenge. He knew who ordered it and payment is not made to wait long.

He found the leader of the Hudson Dusters, and very quickly dealt with it – exactly the same shot in the back. When the shooting by coincidence, was attended by 2 women who were his exes. They quickly passed Madden and the police began hunting. Owney Madden was threatened with imprisonment from 10 to 20 years. However, he served only 8, his early release for good behavior.

Coming out of prison Owney did not find anyone of his friends on “criminal” business. The era of theft and racketeering was a new – era of “Dry law”. It was during this period gangs of new York flourished the most. Prohibition gave the opportunity due to clandestine sales to earn a good idea to get on their feet. Took advantage of this and owney Madden.

Although any sale of alcohol on the streets was illegal, Madden recovered quickly and established a reliable supply of alcohol. He brought high-quality liquor, Scotch, gin and vodka. All these huge parties followed from Canada, UK and Cuba. Madden began to supervise the sale of alcohol.

In addition to the sale of alcohol in new York, owney Madden was engaged in the distribution of its product throughout the United States. Influential people knew him as a reliable supplier, seller and businessman.

Eventually he got the idea to do something that completely turned “criminal world” turned on its head. It owney Madden had the idea to open his own club in new York, which was something new for companies, politicians and the gangsters. In “the cotton club” gathered the most influential people not only in new York but across the country. Owney Madden was able to unite around powerful people. He had it all: strong communication, compromising and such? the government, which did not even exist.

But the popularity and influence of the Madden not everybody liked. Other influential mafia didn’t want to leave the big game and began the hunt for Owney. So in 1933 he decided to leave new York- the lot fell to Arkansas. There’s also Madden and lived until the end of his days, disproving another stereotype of the criminal world bosses don’t live long. Madden left the world in ‘ 73 own death.

To leave the territory of new York unnoticed, such as the influential gangster owney Madden hardly managed. Legend has it that he agreed with then President Franklin Roosevelt. In exchange for a retreat from criminal cases in new York, the head of the country will allow to leave the city without persecution.

However, after Madden left new York on the horizon appeared new and not less influential mafia. And methods they had several other robberies. Most famous are John Hamilton and John Dillinger – the founders of the gang, “Dillinger”. Both the gangsters were in prison together. There they decided to create a gang of robbers and actively recruited people into their ranks.

About the robbery, these guys were legendary. They did everything so skillfully that the police just behind them was not in time. During the year their activities, they managed to make at least a dozen robberies in seven different States. And while all quickly and carefully.

There is a legend that during one of the robberies John Dillinger returned money to people who stood in line. He gave them with the words: “I don’t need your money. I only Rob banks”.

But long survive the gang was not meant to be. In 1934, his eyes on the mafia put law enforcement and especially the FBI. Or rather John Hoover, who would later become the first Director of this Department. Hoover’s goal was in any way to destroy a band “Dillinger”. The bandits decided to lay low, but they are found and, as reported by the FBI, John Dillinger was killed. However, people claim that the bandit has quietly lived for at least another 35 years and died in 70’s.

Subsequently, the influence of the Irish mob began to fade. From time to time to the surface floated the criminal bosses, but their fame was not close to the predecessors. Among the bright – James Bulger, which in 2011 fell into the hands of the police, he was accused of 19 murders, multi-million dollar fraud, racketeering, extortion and full set of standard mafia.

More about the brutal representatives of the Irish mob – see in the program.

Как жестокий мафиози выжил после расстрела: факты о старейшей банде в США

Как жестокий мафиози выжил после расстрела: факты о старейшей банде в США

Как жестокий мафиози выжил после расстрела: факты о старейшей банде в США

Как жестокий мафиози выжил после расстрела: факты о старейшей банде в США

Как жестокий мафиози выжил после расстрела: факты о старейшей банде в США