How dangerous ice cream: the response of physicians

Чем опасно мороженое: ответ медиков

With the arrival of the hot season of the year, any person are unlikely to deny themselves in serving summer treats – ice cream. This product we love from the childhood, but its useful and harmful properties little is known. Why some mothers are afraid to delight your kids an extra scoop of ice cream, but so dangerous this product? Doctors told that he does not always pose a threat, but ice cream must be of high quality.

It is noted that due to the ice-cream do you cool off in hot weather, without overheating. However, to get involved in product is not necessary, given the excess in sugar.

What are good habits to prolong life

Also, the nutritionists believe that a single serving treats the figure will not suffer much, but it is important to eat it during the day rather than before bed. Even with the diet 2-3 ice creams per week is acceptable, besides, the product contains calcium.

Opinions about the dangers of ice creams, experts believe, exaggerated, and it is contraindicated only for those who suffer from allergies to milk protein. Product improves mood and reduces blood pressure. Is not true and a myth that because you can get sick of ice cream, instead it helps with a sore throat.