“How dare she be Ellen DeGeneres”: freimuth told about the details of the new show “Olga” – 24 Channel

"Як вона посміла бути Елен Дедженерес": Фреймут розповіла про подробиці нового шоу "Оля" - 24 Канал

Show “Olya”, which became the world’s first legitimate adaptation of the famous American format “the Ellen Show DeGeneres”, will be released on screens on August 28. Presenter of the project was scandalous Olga Freimut.

Head of project “Olga” Oleg Bodnarchuk and Olga freimuth told the details of the show in an interview with “KP”.

Oleg Bondarchuk noted that the project is built on the personality of the presenter, which should be unusual and interesting.

According to Olya freymut, the program will be based on its own qualities.

Many have asked: “How dare she be Ellen DeGeneres? It’s a well-known American, which is now praying for all of America!” It is believed that Freimut considered crazy, and Helen love. We’re not going to parody Ellen, she is unique. Me too have unique qualities
– said freymut.

“I have a very radical vision. Sometimes really on the verge of schizophrenia that needs to be filtered. However, van Gogh also believed “var Yatom”, and now his paintings are going crazy,” added Olga.

Note that on the web long before it became known about the show, began to discuss the “crazy” actions Freimut.

I’m crazy. Free in God. This is a very beautiful word. I’m really free to do whatever you want. Is it better to be a stamp, a standard part of the crowd? All the crazy have a chance to remain in history. Want to work for eternity, not for now,
– said Olga freymut.

Recall that in April Olga Freimut was at the center of scandals. According to several Ukrainians, she appeared on the work of those who wrote nasty comments in her notes. On disassembly Olga Freimut came with the crew. Such behavior celebrity explained that it was part of her new show.

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