How does a solar Eclipse on Mars – photo NASA

Как выглядит солнечное затмение на Марсе – фото NASA

Mars Rover Curiosity took just two solar eclipses on Mars. These phenomena occurred on 17 and 26 March. Now NASA has published photos that are sent to the device.

The machine landed on Mars in 2012. Its filters allow you to “watch” in the Sun. The last few weeks it was used to track solar eclipses caused by the moons of Mars.

So, the moon Phobos hid the Sun on March 26. The other satellite, Deimos did the Eclipse on March 17. These phenomena and recorded the camera.

Как выглядит солнечное затмение на Марсе – фото NASA

The Eclipse Of The Sun By Phobos

Interestingly, Phobos does not fully obscure the solar disk, the darkening call of the ring. At the same time, the orbit of Deimos is very remote, so he can’t cover the Sun. Therefore, scientists say that it “passes” through the Sun.

Как выглядит солнечное затмение на Марсе – фото NASA

The Solar Eclipse Of Deimos

What is known about solar eclipses on Mars? Due to the fact that both satellites of small size, Eclipse on Mars is much weaker than on Earth. Interestingly, both of the satellite is not able to cast a shadow on the planet so that it can be seen from the Ground. Thus, once artificial satellites were placed in orbit around Mars the shadow of Phobos can be seen in the pictures, which were transmitted from the satellites to Earth.

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