How does the solar wind: an incredible video

Как выглядит солнечный ветер: невероятное видео

Parker solar probe is the first spacecraft designed to study the Sun from close range. During his mission, he had already made two circles around the star and took the first photograph from inside the Sun’s atmosphere.

One of the instruments on Board the probe, a wide – angle sensor consisting of two telescopes designed to capture the visible manifestations of solar activity, reports Digital Trends.

What you can see on the video? In a video released the Sun is the left-overs, and the screen clearly shows the solar wind – the stream of ionized particles from left to right. In the right part of the frame you can see a bright point – the planet mercury, and the center of the milky Way. White stripes through the image are dust particles.

How does the solar wind – see the video

We are very happy. We managed to collect at least twice more data than we originally expected to get from these first two perihelion passages,
– said the Director of the division of geleophysic in the headquarters of NASA Nicky Fox.

Future tasks for the probe. The next stage of the probe – another phase of perihelion, and in late December, he needs to make a flyby of Venus. This will give scientists more likely to collect new data about the star, because the unit uses the planet’s gravity to adjust the trajectory.

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