How easy it is to start eating healthy food: basic rules

Как легко перейти на правильное питание: основные правила

If you decide to go on a proper diet, here are some tips to do it right and don’t hurt yourself, according to glamusha.

1. Start a food diary

Keeping a food diary is the best way to start PP. Write down precisely all of the products that you ate, be sure to include snacks and what you drink. Even if until you can not eat healthy and nutritious food, you will be able to perform, what products you have in the diet in excess, and some not at all. Eventually, with the help of these records you will be able to adjust your diet.

2. PP for beginners is a fairly lengthy process, and therefore give yourself time

You are unable to completely eliminate all unhealthy foods from your diet and drastically change their habits. Such a sharp transition, you can not sustain and break. The transition point can take from one to six months, so take your time. Exclude unhealthy foods gradually.

3. Eat in the company

How to start PP? Just stop eating alone, in front of the TV or computer. Already it has been noticed that in solitude you are able to eat much more food than in the company. In addition, you will be uncomfortable to eat junk food when other people, especially if you declare your desire to follow PP.

4. How to upgrade to PP smoothly?

Just buy a steamer. Even if you have not really dealt with the principles of the new nutrition, don’t know how to cook healthy food, thanks to cooking meals for a couple you will be able to reduce the amount of harmful fat and increase nutrients in your diet. Another simple tip is to replace the pan with non-stick to cook without adding oil.

5. Add to your diet more fresh vegetables

A good way to get PP is to include in your diet more fresh vegetables. They should take up most of your plate. Gradually increase the amount of vegetables in your diet, replacing them junk food.

6. Refrain from harmful snacks

Denial of the harmful snacks that contain empty calories and low nutrients will quickly go to PP. Chips, crackers and other snacks replace with dried fruit, nuts and fresh fruit.

7. Eat carbs in the morning and proteins in the second

To start PP you can with this simple advice. Consuming carbohydrates in the first half of the day, you can be sure that they will certainly spend it, but for dinner it is better to leave the proteins that are slowly digested by our body.