How has the sound quality in 2 AirPods. Meet the owners

Как изменилось качество звука в AirPods 2. Отвечают владельцы

When Apple introduced the AirPods second generation, they focused on the fact that the new headphones sound much better than the original model. To verify this information in the first days after release was not possible, because the owners started to receive a parcel yesterday. But even a day was enough to determine whether Apple was right when she said that 2 AirPods can definitely boast of better quality sound.

First impressions of the users that received 2 AirPods at his disposal, oddly enough, was quite controversial. The analysis of the reviews of those who purchased headphones the new generation, have shown that for some, the sound quality is really increased in comparison with the original model, while others noted the complete lack of difference between them.

How has AirPods 2

“When listening to music I failed to notice perceptible differences between the sound of the AirPods 2 and original AirPods my wife, writes a user with the nickname klky. – [AirPods 2] do sync with the phone noticeably faster than the first model. In this sense, they are almost perfect, and the setting of playback pause happens instantly without any delay. But the sound is clearly not what should be changed the first generation to the second.”

But the user with the nickname v1597psh 2 AirPods sound like more than the original model. According to him, the updated headphones sound much better for calls and FaceTime using Siri. He also noted a more rapid synchronization and switching between devices. But about the sound quality when playing music that for many is essential, the owner said nothing. Perhaps the difference really is not significant.

Which sounds better: AirPods or AirPods 2

Despite the fact that the article we quoted words only two users, we looked at about a dozen reviews, the opinions of authors are divided. If one sincerely said that he was able to hear more deep bass and clear elaboration headphones top, the other with no less sincerity assured his interlocutors in the absolute absence of any difference with headphones first generation. Maybe it’s in the subjective perceptions of users about the quality of the sound and characteristics of their hearing.