How in Nikolaev met Poroshenko arrived at Parliament’s regional development. PHOTOS

Как в Николаеве встречали Порошенко, прибывшего на Раду регионального развития. ФОТОРЕПОРТАЖ

Monday, March 4, in Nikolaev for participation in Parliament of regional development with working visit there has arrived the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Since morning the city was busy – cleaned the streets and install all new campaign tent. One hour before the estimated time of the visit of the guarantor near the building of Regional Palace of culture began to gather people, among whom were the Deputy of the Nikolaev city Council from party “Petro Poroshenko’s Block” Cyril Gorbunov. According to people, they gathered to meet the President.

Meanwhile, the Regional Palace of culture surrounded the police along the ring every meter stood the police, who were sent by nikolayevets exclusively on the sidewalk and not allowed to go across the roadway. Policemen stood on both sides of the Palace of culture and “filter” people.

At 11:00 am invited on the Parliament’s regional development began to take place in the building of the APC, where their stuff is carefully checked, and the participants themselves went through the metal detector.

Some invited immediately took a seat in the hall, the other climbed to the second floor where live music everyone was treated to free lunch and coffee.

The arrival of the President was scheduled for 12:00. By this time the metal detector was dismantled, and the people standing UEC lined up in two columns from the entrance to a corridor.

At this time in ODK quietly arrived Minister for infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, who immediately went to the hall and went on stage.

Petro Poroshenko was late by about 15 minutes.

12:20 the President, accompanied by the head nikolayevskoy yeah Alexey Savchenko and the mayor Alexander Senkevich entered the hall, Glad of regional development began.

During the event, the President spoke for almost an hour, and in his speech talked about decentralization, the revival of shipbuilding in nikolayevshchina, and the construction of a bypass of the “Japanese” bridge.

At approximately 14:30 the event ended and Petro Poroshenko suggested to make a massive photo. First he was photographed with willing on-stage, and then went into the hall, where I expected a wish to make a photo with the President.

A crowd of people accompanied the President to the motorcade, after which Poroshenko went to the Studio of the municipal TV channel “March” for interviews. After the head of state departed to Yuzhnoukrainsk.