How is Eclipse on Jupiter

Как происходит затмение на Юпитере

The spacecraft JunoCam showed looks like the analogue of a solar Eclipse on Jupiter. Apparatus placed on Board the spacecraft Juno.

The image that gave JunoCam, processed engineer NASA Kevin Gill. He treated other wonderful images of Jupiter, says Science Alert.

The image of Jupiter Juno made at an altitude of about 8000 km above the surface of Jupiter.

The camera took pictures of the shadows cast on the planet’s surface the satellite IO. In fact, the same as a solar Eclipse on Earth. But because of the huge difference in size of the Earth and Jupiter shadow seems a more appropriate term.

Как происходит затмение на Юпитере

It falls the shadow of the moon IO

What is known about Jupiter?Is 5 and the largest planet in the Solar system. Jupiter is more than twice as massive all other planets combined. Also this planet is almost 318 times more massive than Earth. Jupiter has 79 satellites, the largest of which – IO, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

In 2011 launched space probe Juno (Juno), which began a detailed study of Jupiter from July 2016.

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