How is the big “sweep” to the Central railway station of Kiev (PHOTO)

Как происходит большая "зачистка" на Центральном ж/д вокзале Киева (ФОТО)

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine finally decided to bring the final round of the railway station “Kiev – Passenger”, where the latter years of chaos and mess. Vladislav Crickley, head of Ininfrastructure the TV channel 1+1 said that in the station terminals will install surveillance cameras and will add 12 more patrols. But! Such promises in KCSA and “Ukrzaliznytsya” sounded in the beginning of the 2019 – then officials promised to restore complete order to the City Day (last weekend of may). went to the main railway gates of the country and looked at how the promised revolution.

Chips from the Mafs and debris

The area in front of the Central railway station has changed noticeably. If this was the dominance of kiosks and vending layouts, but now there was only the cigarette shops and retail outlets are decorated in the style of the building of the railway terminal. Several public utilities were slowly dismantled a trading range near the underpass to the South terminal. In kt have already reported that in the next 2 weeks 26 dismantle of small architectural forms, and the remainder will result in a unified style with the station complex.

Homeless near the station building was very little, around Roma we didn’t notice. But if you go to the station building, some corridors in wheelchairs sit the homeless, and Roma are rushing here and there. But quite a bit. And all because their ganyayut law enforcement. We counted a few patrols – 3 officers and 2 from the national guard. Some go inside the station, the rest have chosen the square near the Central and South terminals.

Short and to the point Telegram

In February 2020, the control of law enforcement here was considerably enhanced – there are 15 posts of police protection, only 25.

But the cleanliness in Station square things are bad. Garbage and then flies through the pavement, the wind picks up plastic bags so that they can get turn to face. However, there are a lot of utilities and machines to harvest areas. So the dominance of debris it is not the fault of government and people. In our eyes, a group of young people Smoking cigarettes, but cigarette butts thrown on the lawn near the underpass. At the sight of cops they ran away.

On the Station square has also updated the building of a suburban station, which is the entrance of the metro station “Vokzalnaya”.

Cesspool in the center of Kiev: KCSA will remove the flea market in Kurenevka (PHOTO)

Dispersed beggars and updated transition

Pleasing to the eye the area in front of South station. The square near the Church of St. George lost debris and crowds of beggars, and the passage under it is finally repaired!

Before the Park station before the new terminal was a model of the Kiev mess. Mountains of garbage, tents and torn mattresses, on which lived the local dysfunctional elements. The stench here was incredible! It is now much cleaner.

We talked to a homeless woman that lives here for several years. she said that homeless people and beggars moved, but often frequented here. “Their long drove, they began to repair the crossing, they were moved into neighbouring streets, but the mornings and evenings converge here and roam here and there. It will hit someone, Rob. And here I am near the Church crammed, there’s no chase,” complained Alexander.

It is possible not only to increased patrols, but in the large-scale repairing of the underground passage under the square. He, despite the fact that built in the beginning of “zero”, quickly fell into disrepair and municipal authorities has turned a blind eye to this mess for several years.

In March 2020 the transition is not to know. Here redid the tile on the walls and paving stones. There is finally lighting in the form of lamps with Trident and surveillance cameras. The repair transition cost 5, 5 million hryvnia. And yet there is perfect order.

At the same time JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” for the second year promises to begin a major reconstruction of the Station square. According to plans, the area near the station will lose all of small architectural forms, here to arrange a real pedestrian area, will rebuild the entrances and change the location of public transport stops.

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