How it happened: Basque open up about sex with Volochkova

Как все происходило: Басков разоткровенничался об интиме с Волочковой

Opera singer Nikolai Baskov, whose name is the media partner of the Russian show-business, told reporters about the sex with the “Queen of kids”, the scandalous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova.

According to “Days. ru”, a two-year affair with the actress was perhaps most striking in rich personal life of the singer.

“I think Nastia with me at the time was the best holiday in the Maldives,” – boasted a singer, when journalists started talking about Volochkova, which is now no end of praise to Instagram by ocean.

When the singer asked directly whether the couple has sex, he assured that he was, besides, called Volochkova “very hot” woman.

“All we had! We’re not asexual creatures, and real people! Volochkova, by the way, very hot, an incredible woman,” said the actor.

As far as we know, the novel Baskov and Volochkova lasted about two years, after which the pair separated, but today, celebrities remain friends. The network holds many archival photographs in which they are sealed together, including in the Maldives.