How it happened – it happened – Merkushyna about the failure in the mass start

Как получилось – так получилось, – Меркушина о неудаче в масс-старте

Ukrainian biathlete Anastasia Merkushyna, which failed the mass start at the world Championships in Sweden, commented on the result.

Anastasia told me that she was very difficult to work because of weather conditions in östersund.

“Yes, the weather is extreme today, it was difficult to work in such conditions. But how it happened – it happened. On the first shooting, I think I came to an uncomfortable pulse, because you were running at the end of the group and came too slowly. My ideal pulse for firing – from 180 to 186. And here through all the rebuild I have been below 180 and I started shaking. Same thing on the first stand: followed by the Czech Republic (Veronika Vitkova, – Спорт24) and avoided her, hoping to hide her from the wind, but did not guess with the pulse area.

Alone today, it was difficult to run because the snow was unpleasant fresh, wet… But for those conditions, thanks to the service, they did it a hundred percent. It wasn’t easy, but you can work with.

If you evaluate the season as a whole, then a scale would put themselves seven. It would be possible to climb a little and in the overall standings. But, how did – and got it. That means we need to work more”, – quotes Merkushino

Note that Anastasia, who finished 25th, was the only representative of Ukraine in the mass start. Winning the race was won by Dorothea wierer.

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