How Jessica Biel responded to a possible betrayal Timberlake

American actress Jessica Biel has decided not to make a scene after the alleged infidelity of her husband and proudly appeared on the streets of Los Angeles with a wedding ring on the hand.

23 Nov Hollywood actor spotted for tenderness with actress alisha Wainwright. The stars were at a party after a day on the set of the film “Palmer” (Palmer), where they play a major role. The actors held hands, tried the drink and gently looked at each other.

After paparazzi published on the network, representatives of Timberlake, Wainwright hastened to emphasize that between them exceptionally good business and friendly relations, and after the party they never retreated.

It seems that Jessica has decided not to destroy your revealing marriage with the actor, hence, according to insiders, the past scandal. Now between them there are no conflicts or scandals. On 25 November she was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles where the star was in good spirits and with a wedding ring on the hand.

“Their marriage will survive. Timberlake feels guilty, and Jessica is very friendly to him, and he knows how lucky he is. He says it doesn’t matter much, because they all hang out together, and that’s the end of history,” said the insider edition of ENews!