How jony Ive came to Apple and what it will become without him

Как Джони Айв попал в Apple и какой она станет без него

June 28, Apple officially announced that jony Ive will cease to be the head of the design division of the Corporation. And though in fact he will continue to cooperate with Apple, but within their own company, technology giant from Cupertino is indeed a new page in history. I won’t say that it’s a big loss for Apple – sure, the walls of the Corporation are still enough talented designers who will delight us with new products (especially the team Ive not changed). But as a graduate of the English school with dyslexia have managed to become one of the leading technological innovators in the world?

I was reading a biography of jony Ive from Lender of cane and remember how the author describes his childhood of the future chief designer of Apple. As a young boy, johnny showed interest in creating something with their hands. He was enchanted by the way the items stack with each other. He carefully disassembled the radios and cassette recorders, intrigued by what parts they are composed and how these parts are fixed to each other.

When Joni was in school, he was diagnosed with dyslexia – a selective disruption of the ability to master reading skills while maintaining overall learning abilities. A similar feature was present and his colleagues of Steve jobs, whose left hemisphere of the brain is also clearly dominated in the thinking process. But this did not prevent him to later enroll in the University of Newcastle Polytechnic, now known as Northumbria University, which was and still is a leading UK University, teaching industrial design. That’s where Joni instilled a love of minimalism and high-quality products: in 1989, he became co-owner of London-based Tangerine Design, where he studied design of combs and plumbing. However, after three years moved to San Francisco to become a designer at Apple.

The first time things have Quince in the Apple was not as good as now. When he came from England to the United States, he said that now he is doing great. But at that time, the company could not boast of a stable situation. Ive just worked in his office, and soon the whole room was filled with hundreds of different prototypes. None of them was released to the market. Nobody paid any attention to him, and Jonathan Ive was very upset. The first three years he worked on the development of pans (!) the paper for printers.

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In the end, he was one step away from returning to England, but… in a moment everything changed. In 1997, Steve jobs returned to the company after his 12-year absence, abandoning many of its products and firing many employees. Studying the design Department, jobs decided that the Quinces need to move. To move to the new building in the campus of Apple. And jobs never had spare money for new developments, despite the fact that many of them remained inside the lab. In addition, Steve has secured a group of designers and even organized for them a separate kitchen that they accidentally not at all shake that thing.

Jonathan Ive and Steve jobs

In response to this, Ive showed the world the iMac with translucent body, which looked completely different than the other computers on the market. Although iMac and received instant recognition users, it was far from what wanted jobs. In the end, the meeting of two great minds began with a skirmish, but by the time when the first iPod was launched, Ive and jobs had already emptied, and then was born the usual Apple design – minimalistic and elegant.

As he wrote in his book Kenny, laboratory of Quince is the Holy of holies. The tables are littered with sheets of aluminum, which are clearly visible outlines of familiar products. Working together, the designers under the leadership of Jonathan devote themselves entirely to developing a product, constantly reworking and improving the smallest details, for example, the LEDs on the laptops. Ive spent a few months in solitude, working on only one table stand for iMac perfect form which he found in the sunflower. The final version of this “leg” was a combination of forged and polished steels and expensive laser welding.

Here is the most unusual product, which was created by jony Ive

But the most daring and “crazy” creations of Jonathan Ive’s never left his lab. His design genius is developing in the process, if he makes a mistake, she then dies there, on the table.

The team that worked on the first iPhone

Through my body runs a shiver every time I see someone white Apple earphones. But I was constantly tormented by the question – does this man of his iPod? Is there a way to make it better?, – said Ive.

Ive endlessly searched for ways to make the finest computers in the world, so the Apple no one was surprised by his decision to fly to Japan just to meet one of the best blacksmiths in the Country of the Rising Sun. C a clean-shaven head, t-shirt and jeans own brand, sir Jonathan Ive has watched as the master worked day and night tirelessly.

With all this, Ive never hesitated to spend money, as the same Steve jobs – every day he came out of his house on one of the hills in San Francisco and went on your Bentley Brookland in the lab. Were his mistakes – for example, it was found that cracks in the G4 Cube case. And protruding camera in the iPhone has become a controversial decision.

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However, these mistakes went in favor of the designer. Ive is known for his “alchemical” flair of engineering and strength limits of metal. Now Apple is on the crest of a wave, largely due to one of the greatest designers of our time. The contribution of the 52-year-old native of Essex in the development of the company it is simply impossible to assess its development repeatedly made a revolution. Will it remain the same without him?

Jonathan Ive and Tim cook at the presentation of the Mac Pro, WWDC 2019

I am sure that Yes. But it will be another Chapter for Apple. And I will never forget the Preface of the book of Leander Kani about Quinces:

The first time I met jony Ive, he spent half the night carrying my backpack. Our paths crossed at the evening event at the conference Macworld Expo in 2003. However, have a few pints, I was forced to go because I was late for a meeting. It so happened that in the hurry I left, forgetting my backpack.

When it was already well after midnight in the bar of one of the hotels on the other side of town I again met Joni. To my great surprise, on his shoulder he carried my backpack.

Как Джони Айв попал в Apple и какой она станет без него

Как Джони Айв попал в Apple и какой она станет без него

Как Джони Айв попал в Apple и какой она станет без него

Как Джони Айв попал в Apple и какой она станет без него

Как Джони Айв попал в Apple и какой она станет без него

Как Джони Айв попал в Apple и какой она станет без него