How many children from Melitopol adopted foreigners

Сколько детей из Мелитополя усыновили иностранцы

Six children-orphans and children deprived of parental care last year were adopted by foreigners. Who found a new family abroad, said the head of service for children Olga Prokopenko.

Today on the account in service for children consist of 330 children. 80 of them – children-orphans, 250 – children deprived of parental care (deprivation of parental rights, removal of a child without deprivation of parental rights children whose parents are serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty). Only in 2019, the status of orphans or children deprived of parental care received 48 children. And the main task of the service for children to determine their family.

– Priority is family education. Today 85% of children are arranged in foster families: 232 child are under the care, 43 are brought up in orphanages of family type, 12 – in foster families. In 2019 service for children engaged in the device 55 children. Of these, 14 were adopted, the 31-year-old took custody, 8 arranged in family-type orphanages. Two more children going into a family, – said Olga Prokopenko. The best option for child adoption (adoption into the family on the rights of the native). Last year was adopted 14 children from Melitopol, six of whom went abroad.

– There are legal requirements for international adoption: the child must be at least 5 years, and over a year it needs to be in the national accounting adoption. If none of the citizens of Ukraine at this time to adopt it expressed a desire not to meet with the child are foreigners. If we talk about the Melitopol children who were adopted by foreigners, then one child has a disability, three children were from one family (two brothers and a sister), one child aged under 14 years, – said head of service for children.

Wondering what to give the baby up for adoption to citizens of other countries, local authorities can not – they only do a national adoption. International adoption is supervised by the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.