How many cups of coffee will benefit

Сколько чашек кофе принесут пользу

New studies have shown that coffee is good for your heart – it all depends on the dose. Work about the beneficial effects of caffeine on the body released the German scientists from Düsseldorf University named after Heinrich Heine, writes

The experiments were carried out on mice. It turned out that after a heart attack (his mice was caused artificially) myocardial cells recovered better than the group that received regular caffeine. And those test subjects who drank regular water and was doing much slower.

A positive effect was observed when the concentration of caffeine, which is equivalent to the consumption of four cups of coffee a day.

People also have a protein p27, so that coffee can be called a potential protector of our heart.

However, the new data will not dock with the existing perception that caffeine is very dangerous for people with weak cardiovascular system. So the theory of German researchers still needs additional checks.

To date, it is estimated that about 19 thousand studies about the benefits and dangers of coffee. For example, American scientists have found that 3 cups of this refreshing beverage daily reduce the risk of developing diabetes, certain types of cancer and other diseases.

Scientists from the University of South Carolina found that coffee has the opposite effect on mortality among smokers: Smoking does not reduce its positive effects.

In addition, drinking coffee in moderation has a positive effect on the Central nervous system: improves mood, increases physical and mental activity. But from the negative effects marked increase in blood pressure. As a result, healthy people can torment insomnia and high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke.

It is also not recommended to start drinking coffee for older people. Polls have shown that if a person is addicted to coffee at an advanced age, the chances of occurrence of violations has increased 1.5 times compared to those who did not change many years of habit. On the other hand, moderate consumption of this beverage throughout life to prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Photo: pixabay.