How many in the river House for sell trade on Slobozhansky Avenue

За сколько в Днепре продают Дом торговли на Слобожанском проспекте

The legendary building that served as the first shopping center of the region and long in ruins, has decided to finally sell. Read more – read in the Informant Money.

The trade house was built in the then Dnipropetrovsk in 1977 on the Avenue to them. The newspaper “Pravda”, 51 (now St. slobozhanskyi). The total area of buildings amounted to 16 thousand square meters, 6.2 thousand of which is occupied stalls. Remarkable was the fact that the building is not painted, and completely put dark green tile.

In his time in the House of trade worked 760 people, each floor had air conditioning, was the escalators were the rest rooms, canteens, snack bars, showers for employees.

In 1995 the building was transferred to private hands – was created by JSC “Dnipropetrovsk trade house”, whose shareholders 316 steel workers under the leadership of Alexander in One. Over time, the complex fell into decay. The area began to pass to private firms on lease. Attempts to repair the building were made in 2004-2006. In early 2000s, CJSC “Dnepropetrovsk house of trade” were fighting for real estate with LLC “trade House – Superstor” close to Igor Kolomoisky. In those years, the city Council first granted the right to use land under the House trade firm Kolomoisky, and then took away. This was repeated many times.

In the end the building was owned by “PrivatBank”. The Soviet building was demolished, leaving only the parts. Then began a new construction, which was frozen for many years. In 2017, the nationalization of “PrivatBank” the building complex became a state, but such asset as of 2018, want to get rid of.

19 Feb 2020 PrivatBank announced the tender to all comers for the acquisition of unfinished buildings Home trade. The starting price of the building is 9 million 45 thousand UAH 405. Square shopping complex (all buildings) – 17 thousand 108,1 sq. m. Readiness of unfinished parts of the new House of trade is 73%. The land on which the shopping centre was not sold and is owned by the territorial community of the city (i.e., her fate disposed of Dnipro city Council).

За сколько в Днепре продают Дом торговли на Слобожанском проспекте

За сколько в Днепре продают Дом торговли на Слобожанском проспекте