How many in the Zaporozhye region is PCR test for coronavirus to do

Сколько в Запорожской области стоит ПЦР-тест на коронавирус сделать

To do the test are those who have returned from abroad, in order not to be in isolation.

Zaporizhzhya regional laboratory center conducts studies to detect virus RNA Covid-19 in a biological material using the method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), including for those who have recently returned from abroad.

Reception of citizens is carried out assuming the use of PPE, including respirators or medical masks without exhalation valve, at – g. Zaporozhye, St. Record, 27, 1st floor, office 111, tel.-283-17-42 e-mail

Work schedule: Monday – Friday from 9:00 until 16:42, break 12: 00-13: 00.

Services on testing COVID-19 PCR are provided on a contractual basis.

Transmit the completed Application for testing COVID-19 PCR in a convenient form (in person, subject to the necessary anti-epidemic measures, by mail or email).

If necessary, when completing the Application specialists Contractor will provide the necessary advice.

Sampling of biological material for testing COVID-19 PCR is carried out by specialists in a special room.

The implementation of services is made at 100% prepayment.

In the case of a negative result of the analysis, the Contractor enters the Customer’s data in a single electronic database, and then upgrade the service, “Move house.”

Total cost of the service: 574 UAH 14 kopeks. the Result will be known within 24 hours from the time of selection of clinical material.

For the operative interaction of the service can be paid in advance on details, including faces, which will have the selected clinical material for research.

Requisites for payment of services:

BENEFICIARY: PUBLIC INSTITUTION “Zaporizhzhya regional laboratory center of the Ministry of HEALTH of UKRAINE”

R / UA +268201720313231001201084548

INN 384617208293

No. testimonies. 200115637

Bank – State Treasury service of Ukraine. Kyiv,

MFO 820172,

enterprise code 38461727

Purpose of payment: selection of clinical material for PCR studies to detect virus Covid-19; molecular genetic studies on qualitative detection of virus RNA Covid-19 of the biological material with the use of PCR.