How many in Ukraine costs rent business

Сколько в Украине стоит аренда помещений под бизнес

Experts said that the entrepreneur is more profitable: to buy or to rent a space.

The most expensive commercial property offer in Kiev and Lviv. And entrepreneurs from Kharkiv and Dnipro in the financial plan will have to take it easy. Most often a small business looking for space up to 20 “squares”.

OLX real Estate analysts have compared the prices in major cities of Ukraine and found out that it is cheaper for the entrepreneur: to rent or to buy the premises in Commerce.

According to the site, for rent in Ukraine, rent of about 34,000 commercial properties, at the same time the room for purchase, you can choose from more than 16,000 ads.


Slightly more than a third of all proposals is in the capital, but low prices for commercial real estate in Kiev search is not necessary.

If we talk about the rent, then the most economical option – space up to 20 sq. meters and is rented out at an average of 5,900 UAH/month.

Unsurprisingly, this yardage is the most popular – 1650 suggestions posted in the past half of the year, responded to more than 6170 times. For comparison, the purchase of such space will cost 100 UAH 306, however, offers much less.

The property is spacious – from 20 to 29 sq m – will cost 8800 UAH per month, and purchase price almost reach the one million – in the past half year it amounted to 987 100 UAH.

If this area will be enough, there are options for 30-39 sq m, but the rent is already above – average 14 000 UAH/month. To become the owner of this space, you will have to pay 1.36 million UAH.


In Lviv, one of the main tourist centers of Ukraine, rental prices are not much different from the capital. Room with an area 20 sq. m will cost 5000 UAH/month.

However, to buy such an object can be 2 times cheaper than in Kiev – an average of 124 200 UAH. It is a small yardage is the most popular for rental and for purchase – in one ad responds to an average of 5 times.

Space from 20 to 29 sq m are offered to rent for 8000 UAH/month., and sell them at a price of about 672 000 UAH.

Premises for 30-39 sq. m can be rented for 2000 UAH more expensive – an average of 10 000 UAH/month. If you want to buy such a facility would require an amount in 816 800 UAH.


In Kharkov, the prices are a bit nicer. To start a business here, rent a room of 20 square meters, for 4000 UAH/month.

Square from 20 to 29 sq m will cost half the price of 6000 UAH. Space of the same dimensions are 305 393 200 UAH and 600 UAH, respectively, if we are talking about buying.

For rent with an area of 30-39 sq. m, in Kharkov, asking 8150 UAH/month., the number of ads here is less likely. Become the owner of the room 844 100 UAH.


The most compact space up to 20 sq. m. in the “pearl by the sea” surrender at 3500 UAH/month.

They were also the biggest demand – an average of 7.5 responses to one sentence. To buy such an object can for 157 800 UAH, however, offers the least.

Real estate from 20 to 29 sq. m. in Odessa are offered to rent on average for 6500 UAH per month. The purchase price will be around 659 600 UAH.

If your business requires more space, you can rent a room on 30-39 m 9000 UAH/month. In the case of buying for him will be asked 839 700 UAH.


Easiest financial need entrepreneurs from the Dnieper – here the lowest prices for commercial property among the largest cities of Ukraine.

The room of 20 square meters can be rented for 2700 UAH/month., and on each announcement responds to the average of 8.1 times is the highest among major cities.

Space more, from 20 to 29 sq m, is only slightly more expensive – about 3500 UAH/ month., to by placing appropriate sizes for 637 700 UAH.

The richer businessmen can choose the room more spacious – for example, for 719 900 UAH on average will be able to buy the property with an area of 30-39 sq. m. In the case of renting a room will cost UAH 6900 monthly.

For those who expect to buy a more luxurious property, there are objects and much more expensive. For example, in Kiev you can buy a hotel-restaurant with area of 3000 sq. m for $12 million, or concert club for $7 million.

Сколько в Украине стоит аренда помещений под бизнес