How many lives doctors have claimed the war in the Donbass – 24 Channel

Скільки життів медиків забрала війна на Донбасі - 24 Канал

Medical personnel in the combat zone, saving the lives of others, eager to risk his, and the heroic deeds they distinguished themselves during the tragic events under Loviska. In General, 2014 at Donbass went about 4 thousand military doctors, however, unfortunately, returned not all, 46 people were killed.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said during a visit to the 61st military mobile hospital in Mariupol, his press service.

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Directly involved in the provision of medical care in a combat zone and at the forefront of defence took nearly four thousand military medics. Unfortunately, not all returned from the battlefield – military medics 46 died. We bow our heads in front of doctors, paramedics, nurses, who gave their life performing their duty,
– said the politician.

According to him, the greatest losses in the Donbas, Ukraine has experienced in 2014-2015.

“You are in August 2014 showed themselves as real heroes, who day and night did not come from operating, saving our soldiers were injured. Well known is the fact that only one August day 2014 under Loviska in the field your heroic team has assisted more than 200 wounded soldiers”, – said the guarantor.

In addition, he recalled that in 2014, the military did not have the basic kits, not to mention armoured transport or medical aircraft to evacuate the wounded.

“Today, the security personnel of combat crews individual medical kits is 100%. For a long time. As well as providing body armor, razgruzit and everything needed to defend the Homeland. First aid is available to the heroes on the battlefield during the first ten minutes, when efficiency is valued above gold. Medical evacuation of the wounded is armored sanitary evacuation transport and sanitary vehicles, and tasked to an hour to fall into the hands of qualified specialists,” – said Poroshenko.

We will remind, last time in the Donbass medic died in may – then in the result of shrapnel wounds to the head died, the representative 95-th separate guards air assault brigade 24-year-old Oleg Bokach.

In addition, in February in the shelling killed Sabina Galician, who served in the 10th independent mountain assault brigade APU. She was 23 years old, and she was a small child.

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