How many minors smoke in Ukraine: data of MZ – 24 Channel

Скільки неповнолітніх курять в Україні: дані МОЗ - 24 Канал

More than 20% of Ukrainians constantly smoke cigarettes and by minors, almost one in seven abused tobacco.

About it reports the Center of public health of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

It is noted that the initiative U-Report, with the support of UNICEF interviewed Ukrainian youth about Smoking. It was attended by 12 276 U-reporters in age from 14 to 34 years.

Almost 21% of respondents reported that they smoke. Among respondents aged 14-17 years consume tobacco 14.6%, and among those 18-19 years old, and 21%,
– told the researchers.

They noted that among those who do not smoke cigarettes, nearly half of Smoking hookah. Regular cigarettes have tried 44,2% of the interviewed smokers, flavored – 23,7%, and wapi – 19,4%.

“The proportion of those who have never tried tobacco products, a minor – only 24.3%,” added the researchers.


In addition, the results of the survey showed that of 60.4% of young people have seen cigarette advertising, despite the fact that advertising of tobacco is prohibited in Ukraine since 2012. The health MINISTRY stressed that tobacco companies have found loopholes in the law and use storefronts as billboards.

By the way, earlier the representative of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Kateryna Rymarenko reported that the prevalence of Smoking among adolescents in Ukraine has decreased by almost 40% since 2010. At the same time, adults who smoke has decreased by 20%.

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