How many received from renting state property

Сколько получаем от сдачи в аренду государственного имущества

Data SPF.

Dnipropetrovsk region receives annually from the lease of property by the state property Fund of Ukraine (SPF) of 7.98 million. At the same time, potentially to – 14,75 million.

These data led in its analysis, the experts of the Center for economic strategy Myhaylishyna Daria and Bogdan Prokhorov, says the project VoxConnector.

As of October 2018, the government leased 17.466 objects own property. On this lease the state budget earned according to the report of the state property Fund, 1 billion 75 million UAH.

Economists understand what kind of objects are rented, which regions their rent brings the most revenue and how much more money to the state.

For example, in the Dnipropetrovsk region, ZAO “PF Ukraine” (Vodafone Greece) rents 48-meter room belonging to the Dnieper state agrarian-economic University, paying to the state budget more than UAH 820 per square meter; is 15 times more than the average for the region.

“Given that the budget receives only 70% of the funds for rent, PrivatBank pays about 512 UAH per square meter per month apartment on Gagarin Avenue – more than is offered in the commercial ad online,” write the economists of the economic strategy Center.

The fact that in most cases the amount paid by the lessee shall be distributed in the ratio of 70/30. This means that 70% goes to the state budget and 30% – in favor of the owner of the leased object (authority, state enterprises, institutions, etc.). The local community in whose territory the physical location of these objects, gets nothing.

The objects for which it paid a symbolic 1 UAH per year and the cost of which is unknown is as much as 2.5 million m2, which is approximately equal to the area of such a city as Nikolaev. Their rent monthly budget could get 149 million UAH of income.

“This amount is obtained by multiplying the average revenues by the existing commercial lease agreements in the area of finding such an object in the area of the property. If you start to put the lease on the auction, it would be possible to get a lot more: often these areas are in Central cities, where there is a high demand for property from businesses,” write the experts.

Annual revenues from the lease of state property:

Potential annual revenues from the lease of state property: